Other Doll Blogs I Enjoy

There are some super creative people out there who have some really neat doll blogs, check them out if you can!  **Please note** If a blog has been inactive (no new posts) for six months or longer, I will remove it from the list.

American Girl Fan

AG Doll Play

Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule

Mommy’s Doll Club

The Savage Dolls (formerly Our American Dolls)


Mini Mad

Tea Time With Melody Q

Super Inky

Le Fabuleux Destin De Sophie Amelie

La vie revee de Sabine

Cozy Comforts and Dolls

The Dolls Between Us

Herstory AG

Canadian Doll Notebook

Faking It Mostly

Stitching with Elli

The Redhead’s Blog

Brandy’s Happy Home

A Peek Into The Pantry

When All Else Fails A Little Doll Will Do It

Dollightful Dolls

If I know that the blog is owned/managed by someone under 13, I will not feature it due to COPPA laws.

This next link is not a blog, but I have found it to be a fantastic resource for all things American Girl.  From finding out about collections for different dolls, to determining who a doll might be, it’s all here!

American Girl Wiki

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