Doll Retailers I Love

Here are a few of the places I enjoy shopping at for my dolls. If a seller is listed, it means that I have purchased from them and I’m pleased with their items or I have seen their items first hand (example: my sister has purchased from them and I’ve had a chance to look hers over). I will not list anyone here without having seen their merchandise first. I am VERY picky when it comes to doll clothes and accessories so you can buy from these places with confidence!

If Dolls Could Dream

Enhanced Image

Hearts-Flowers Doll Boutique

Just Sew Nouveau

Food 2 Wear

 Lil Princess Doll Store 

Ana Banana Doll Clothes

Stitches By Marlene

Dolly’s Dining Room


Lidi Designs

Beky’s Doll Clothes

Creative Doll Crafts

Quality Doll Clothes

Silly Monkey

4 thoughts on “Doll Retailers I Love

  1. Thank you for this listing. I stopped by this morning in need of a bday gift for a kid party. I chose the Paris bag from “If Dolls Could Dream”… Of course, it is going to be hard to give it up!

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