Review of the Wellie Wishers Outdoors in Overalls Outfit

A while ago I posted pics of Emily in the Outdoors in Overalls outfit and Heather from Dollightful Dolls asked me if I would write a review on this outfit. So Heather–this post is for you!!!

Wellie Wishers clothing is very cute, but I get frustrated with it all being dress up type outfits.  Not all little girls want to be princesses, sorry!!  When I saw this outfit though, I decided it was one I absolutely had to have, I thought it was super cute and very much like something you would see a little girl wearing out and about.

I love the embroidery on the front of this, very nicely done.  Here’s a picture from the back:

I thought the outfit fit very nicely and it wasn’t difficult at all to get on the doll.  Very important given the age range that this is aimed at!

I especially liked this:

Ordinarily I’m not a fan of Velcro on doll clothing but again, since this is aimed at younger kids, it not only makes sense, but I was impressed that they put Velcro the whole way across the top of the bib.  It makes it much easier for  youngsters with dexterity issues to get the doll dressed without either frustration, or needing help from someone older.  Good job AG!

The shirt is amply cut as well, no issues with it staying tucked in to the overalls:

The shoes are cute, I would have preferred them in a different color though.  I don’t quite understand why the Wellie Wishers shoes all have to be bizarre colors that really don’t go with anything else.  😦   Super easy to get on though.  Wellie Wisher shoes remind me a lot of the Our Generation shoes.

The kerchief/bandana piece is very cute, I really liked it.  It’s elasticized, so just a matter of slipping it over the head and then pulling it up over.  Smaller kids might need a bit of help with this, but it isn’t super tight, so it’s easy to do.

Overall, a very cute outfit and I give it an A.  I definitely think it’s one that you should add to your Wellie Wisher collection if you don’t already have it, not only is it cute as a set, but I also think it has a lot of mix and match potential because of the colors and styles of the pieces.


Stay tuned, I am WAY behind on reviews of products, so a lot more of those coming soon!!!