Grandma’s Camera

Louisa was sitting at the dining room table a few days ago, obviously upset about something.  Her grandpap asked her if everything was okay.  “Oh, I’m just frustrated.  My camera isn’t working right.  It’s an old one that belonged to mom that she let me have and I think it’s just wearing out.  Now that I have Eddie back, I really wanted to be able to take pictures of him to send to dad.”  “That’s the drawbacks of things these days” replied Grandpap, “they just don’t last like they used to.”  Louisa told him that she had been trying to think of something she could do to earn some money so she could buy herself a new one, she loved taking pictures.  Grandpap told her to “hold that thought”-then he left the room.

When Grandpap came back, he was holding a camera in his hands.  Louisa immediately recognized it.  “That’s Grandma’s camera isn’t it?”  “Yes, and it’s been sitting in the living room cupboard since she died.  I’m not much for taking pictures, but I think she would be thrilled to know that you were using it” replied Grandpap.  “OH MY GOSH!  Thank you SO much Grandpap!” squealed Louisa.  She gave him a huge hug and said “I will be sure to take very good care of it!”

Later on, Louisa took Eddie into the hallway so she could try out the camera.
camera 1

The first few shots didn’t come out so great…
camera 2

camera 3

camera 4

But as she got used to it, they improved  It was just a matter of getting him to sit still long enough to get a good shot.  He definitely had other things on his mind!
camera 5

Finally she managed to get Eddie to sit and she got a good shot that she could send her dad:
camera 6

“It’s not perfect,” she sighed, “but it’s going to have to do for now.  Getting you to hold still is a challenge!”

Before she quit so she could go work on her homework, she decided to try out the self-timer feature on it so she could get a picture of her and Eddie together.  It took a couple of tries, but eventually she got a good one.
camera 7

“Check it out Eddie, that’s you and me!  You’re so cute!”  “Well of course I’m cute” thought Eddie.  “I’m the cutest dog on the planet, geesh!  Goofy humans.”

Meatloaf in Love!!!

One by one each of the girls came back from their visits with their families. Everyone had fun, but now they were ready to get “back to business” and get ready for the new school year. Most all of them had to come back now because of various activities. The day after everyone got back here, Zara and Abby came home from visiting in New Mexico. They were excited because they had a big surprise for us:

Meatloaf in love 4

This is Molly. Molly is a Pomeranian and is 2 1/2 years old.  Molly belonged to a friend of Abby and Zara’s Grandma Davis. About two weeks before the girls got there, the friend tripped over Molly and took a very bad fall, breaking her wrist and her hip. Because she had two injuries and wasn’t able to take care of herself, she went to an extended care facility to recover. Grandma Davis offered to take care of Molly while her friend recovered. The more the friend thought about it though, she wasn’t sure if maybe she shouldn’t find Molly a new home as this wasn’t the first time she’d fallen over her.
Meatloaf in love 3
When the girls heard this, they begged their parents to let them keep Molly. After a lot of discussion, everyone agreed, and they arranged to bring Molly home. Molly’s owner, Mary, was very happy to find Molly a new home with a younger family as she thought that was what Molly needed to use up all that excess energy.

The girls brought Molly over to meet our dogs. Of course everyone had to give her the “sniff over” and she passed with everyone. The girls said that she got along with Finn well too. Then Meatloaf came into the room…
Meatloaf in love 5
It was love at first sight! He immediately went over to her and sniffed, it was obvious that he thought she was pretty special.
Meatloaf in love 2
I don’t think she’s as impressed though. Maybe she’ll come around?
Meatloaf in love 1

The New Girl

School is out here, yay! The girls have been enjoying those first few days of freedom, but yesterday they got a special surprise. I told them that something would be coming that they weren’t expecting, sometime after lunch. They were all speculating as to what it could be, and were talking so much about it, they almost didn’t hear the doorbell ring. They all ran to see who could be the first to open the door. You can imagine the surprise when they opened it and this was what they saw:
new girl 1

They were all standing there with their mouths open, looking at her, then she started to speak.
new girl 2
“Uh, I hope I am at the right house…um, my name is Shivan.”
new girl 3
“This is my dog Archie. Am I at the right place???”

I interrupted at that point because she obviously was a little nervous. “Girls, I want you all to say hello to Shivan. She’s going to be living here now, she’s going to be starting at the school you all go to in the fall.”
new girl 4
The girls were all excited and huddled around her, asking all kinds of questions. She explained that she was from Pittsburgh, her mom and dad were both of Indian descent and grew up in England, but came to the US to go to college and liked it so much that they stayed and became American citizens. Her dad is a college professor at the University of Pittsburgh and her mom is a radiologist at the hospital there.

new girl 5

Marie-Grace asked her if she had any hobbies or played any sports. “Oh, I LOVE to play soccer, I’m already signed up for the team here. My mom’s cousin Jess is a women’s soccer player in California. And I love art, especially painting.”

The girls all introduced themselves. “Hi, we’re Abby and Zara, we don’t live here, but live in the house across the back yard.”
new girl 10

“I’m Cassandra, I came here last fall. You’re going to love it here!”
new girl 11

The rest of the girls introduced themselves, then Rebecca said she had a question. “Mom, where is she going to sleep?” I explained that for now she was going to have to share the room with Kit, but that once the new bedroom was finished, she and Alya would share a room. “Oh cool!” replied Alya, “a new roommate! Nothing personal Cassandra, but…, well…, uh–you snore!!” The girls all started to laugh.

new girl 6

Kit told her she would show her the bedroom that they would be sharing for a while. They went upstairs to Kit’s room. “Hmmmmm, that bed is awfully small, how are we both going to fit?” asked Shivan. “Oh, it folds out to double it’s size!” replied Kit. “Oh good, I thought it was going to be rather crowded.”

new girl 7

Just then Coconut ran over to her.  “Oh my gosh, is he ever cute!  Does he belong to you?”  Kit told her yes and also to be careful with any stuffed toys she might have because Coconut liked to claim them as his.  “Thanks for the warning!” responded Shivan.

new girl 12

Marie-Grace offered to show her the room she shared with Rebecca.  “I love the bedding on your bunk beds, it looks so cozy.”  Marie-Grace told her that I had made most of the bedding in the house with the exception of Kit’s and that I would probably make her and Alya matching ones for their room.  “This is going to be so much fun” said Shivan.  “I don’t have any sisters, just a nosy little brother who drives me crazy!”

new girl 8

While Shivan was touring the house and getting aquainted with the girls, Archie was trying to make new friends as well.  He tried to share his toy with Meatloaf, but Meatloaf wasn’t too sure about it.

new girl 9

new girl

The girls spent the rest of the evening talking about all sorts of different things.  They also explained that in a few weeks, they would all be leaving to go home to visit their families.  Kit would be heading to Cincinatti, Rebecca to New York, Cassandra to Washington DC, Marie-Grace to New Orleans and Alya would be traveling across the ocean to Turin, Italy where her parents were living.  Even Abby and Zara would be heading to New Mexico to visit her dad’s family that still lived there.  “Wow, I just have an hours drive to Pittsburgh!” exclaimed Shivan.  “I can’t imagine having to go on a plane to go visit my parents, that’s amazing.”  Rebecca explained that they would all be back by August 1st though since they all had school related activities that started then.  Shivan said that she would be doing the same since soccer practice would start then.  “I think I’m really going to like it here though, the best of both worlds!”


In case you are wondering–I was having a difficult time deciding what to name her. I had several things in mind, but nothing was coming together. I really wanted her to be of Indian descent, that was my intent long before I bought her. A name I have always loved is Siobhan which is an Irish name. Only problem is that so many people don’t know how to pronounce it. Then I remembered a host from HSN (yes, the shopping channel!) who went by the literal spelling–her name is Shivan Sarna. You can imagine how tickled I was when I looked her up online and discovered that she is of Indian descent and that this spelling is a traditional Indian name! It’s more commonly used for boys, but I didn’t care, it worked out perfectly for my storyline. I changed her last name to Sharma in memory of a gentleman I knew who had been a college professor at a nearby university, he passed away just a couple of years ago. And that’s how Ms. AG #62 became Shivan Victoria Sharma! (The pronunciation in case you are wondering is Shi-von with a short i.)