Say Hello To My Little Friends IS Moving!

Enough is enough.  WordPress keeps playing with their format and I’m getting tired of finding workarounds.  The only reason my blog is even on this platform is because when I went to start this blog, someone had already used the name on the platform I wanted it to be on originally. (Never mind that they abandoned the blog after about 6 posts, it’s still sitting out there in limbo.)  I’ve not been a big fan of the WordPress platform for numerous reasons and it’s horribly full of glitches on a regular basis.  Over the past year, it has become increasingly obvious to me that WordPress doesn’t want to keep hobby bloggers around either.  I’m constantly bombarded with e-mails trying to sell me upgrades, etc.  I don’t do this blog for profit.  I’ve not made a penny, I don’t get freebies from companies because of my blog, I do it strictly for fun.  I’m not going to pay to do it, and I have a choice of where I have my blog.  And I suspect that at some point, this will no longer be a free space.

That said, I will definitely be moving the blog soon, my goal is to have it up and running at the new space on the 7th anniversary at the beginning of July.  I’m going to start posting at both sites beginning with the next post (which sounds more complicated than it really is) for testing purposes and at some point in June (maybe sooner), I will post the new website address.  I am going to also work on getting all the posts transferred from here to there, that may take some time though!

Thanks for your patience in the upcoming weeks!  I appreciate all of your comments and support.  Stay tuned!

Talk about crappy timing…

I’ve not been pleased with WordPress’s new format and was happy that I was able to still use the classic format for writing posts. However, today when I went in to write a post, guess what?? Yep, classic editor is gone. And I really don’t have time at the moment to sit and figure it out. So…this might be the last post for some time. Thanks a lot WordPress. You suck and your timing is just about the worst ever. Will update in a few days, this might be when the move to Blogspot is going to happen, glad I hadn’t totally put that on the backburner. Ugh…


UPDATE:  I did find a way around this.  However, going forward, I am going to prepare to move the blog anyhow.  I’ve had enough.  If you are in a similar situation as I found myself, please read this post from someone else.  God  bless people who share this info.  I really honestly think WordPress is trying to force everyone into buying upgraded service.  No thanks, I don’t make a penny off this blog, get nothing for free, it’s just for fun.