Merry Christmas to me! (A minor splurge…)

I think by now most of you know that Kit is my homegirl.  I don’t know why, but I think it’s primarily because the time period she grew up in is the same one my mom did.  And it’s not just the stories I love, but all of the cool things that they’ve made over the years for her as well.  I’ve got more of Kit’s collection than any other doll, and I’m hoping to keep adding to it with some of the things I missed out on as well as (hopefully) new items they come out with.

One of those things I missed out on was her laundry set.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at it on Ebay and almost went ahead and bought it.  But the price was a bit more than I felt like spending, and seriously, how much would I actually use it.  A few weeks before Christmas I decided to do a bit of looking.  That’s always a dangerous thing, but this time it actually worked out.  I found an auction that wasn’t ridiculous, kept an eye on it–and no one bid against me!!!

Just look at it, whooo hoo!  It is missing the smaller pieces–a box of laundry soap, a laundry basket, apron and two little towels, but for the price I got it for, I don’t even care.  $55 and that included the shipping to my house!  I can make two little towels and an apron, I’m sure I can find a cute wicker basket at some point and as far as the laundry soap–I’m going to be honest, that isn’t all that historically accurate.  Yes, laundry soap existed, but it was more of a luxury item during the depression.  I remember my mom talking about taking a bar of Fels Naptha or other similar kind of soap and having to grate it into the water.  And if you were really struggling, chances are you were making your own soap out of grease drippings saved from dinner!  (In case you are curious about making your own soap from scraps, go here:  Something tells me that the Kittredge’s were probably making their own soap.  So I don’t care if I ever have the box.  I’ll make a little bar of soap out of clay.

Let’s see some close ups!!!

First the drying rack:

This little piece is pretty awesome, it folds down for storage just like a real one would.  I was surprised to see that it was made out of plastic though, for some reason I thought these items were made out of wood.  I remember having one of these in our basement for years.  My mother-in-law had one too.  (and now I’m suddenly wondering where that went to when we cleaned out their house…)

Next up–the ironing board and iron.

These are both cute pieces.  Again, plastic instead of wood.  And they didn’t make it so it folds up, that would have really impressed the heck out of me!  But it’s very cute and sturdy, much more so than the one I got with my modern day laundry set from Our Generation.  The iron is nice as well, it is metal and plastic and actually has some weight to it.

And now…the piece you’ve all been waiting for!  The washer!!!

Okay, so maybe YOU weren’t waiting for this, but let me tell you folks, this is what sold this set for me.  Why, you ask?  Well, I’m going to confess something here that might shock some of you, but it’s the honest to god’s truth, and if you don’t believe me, I’ll have my nephew Matt come on here and post confirmation (he loved helping me do laundry with it, strange kid).  Evil Twin can even vouch for it too.  Up until about 1996, this was the kind of washing machine I used!!  Yep!  I inherited my mom’s and used it until it couldn’t be used anymore, the wringer would no longer lock into place which made it very unsafe to use.  I finally broke down and bought a conventional top loading washing machine at that point, but we turned the old wringer style washer into the drain tub for it, so it still had a life well beyond 1996.  In fact, it was still in the house until 2010 when we sold it and had someone come remove it from the basement!

This replica is really well done, the wringers even turn if you crank the handle.  Better yet, the wringers are made out of a similar type material as what the real ones would have been.  However, at least with these ones, I don’t have to worry about accidentally running a hand through it!  (Yes, I did that one time, didn’t break anything, but it did hurt!  Thank heavens for the safety on them that popped at a certain point.)

On the bottom back side of the washer is a lever.  I wasn’t real sure what this was about until I moved it.  It makes the agitator spin!  And if you move it back and forth, the agitator goes back and forth, just like a real washer!

Overall, I’m really happy with my Ebay find!  The pieces I did get are in fantastic condition, the listing said it was from an adult owned collection.  I do find it odd that it was missing the smaller pieces if that was the case, but who knows.  It even had the original box but not the Styrofoam insert.  Not a problem, I wouldn’t be taking it apart to store it anyhow.

The bigger question is what am I going to do with it?!?!  I don’t usually buy doll stuff with no real purpose or storyline in mind, but this time I was willing to make an exception.  I suppose I could do a post with modern day Kit and her friends trying to figure out how to use it.  (If you’ve ever seen those videos where they show modern day kids trying to use items from the past, you know what I’m talking about. 😉 )  If it wasn’t so big, I’d be tempted to build a permanent type display for it, a vintage laundry room.  Just not sure where I could put it!  Regardless, I’m still glad I managed to get one at a decent price.


Shopkins “Oh So Real” Mini Packs

If you’ve spent any time at all in a toy department, I’m sure you’ve seen Shopkins.  Cute little toys and apparently very popular given the wide variety of them available.  Recently on a trip to Walmart, I came across some that I found very interesting!

I saw these and immediately thought “doll food packages”!  This is called the “Oh So Real” set because they are made to look like real name brand foods, pretty cool!  So this package ended up in my cart.  What do you get?

I decided to pull out 5 of them from the package, each a different style–a jar, can, box, bag and tub.

I was very happy to see that each of these containers came open easily, so my idea of using these to stock a doll sized pantry would work out well.  Inside each of these was a bag which contained a Shopkin.

Also included in the package was a chart showing who comes in each package.

So, what was inside each of the bags?

Aren’t they cute?  And at about one inch tall each, they are the perfect size as doll toys!

I haven’t opened the rest of the packages yet.  The containers will make nice additions to my doll pantry, although the jars and cans are more institutional sized than regular sized.  Now I need a doll sized Costco or BJ’s for them to shop at!

This particular Shopkins package was $14.99 at Walmart.  Not a great price, but easier than making them I guess.


American Girl New Releases

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about my opinions on the new releases from American Girl.  I guess it’s time!

The new Girl Of The Year was released–hello Blaire Wilson!

What does everyone think?  I personally think she is very cute.  I doubt I will get her though because she’s yet another in a long line of Josefina face mold GOTY’s (Grace, Lea, Luciana) plus I already have several other dolls with the same face.  I do LOVE her dress, I may have to go on Ebay to see if I can find one for sale if I don’t get the doll.

Her collection is very cute, and I think it will do well.  I really like the restaurant set, but it’s a large item and I don’t have space for it.  My biggest complaint with her accessories (and actually everything in this most recent release) is TOO MUCH PLASTIC!  American Girl is no longer creating heirloom type pieces at all.  😦

One item from Blair’s collection in particular is definitely going to be coming to my home:

This little pig is just too stinkin’ cute!!!!  I’m not sure how he’s going to fit in to a storyline here, but that’s okay, he can hang out with me instead of the dolls.

I like some of her outfits too, just waiting to see what else comes out in the spring releases before I jump.

The Truly Me line got a boost to their camping line, but nothing I absolutely have to have.  I am starting to see a lot of repeats when it comes to accessories, and that’s great if you are new to American Girl, but for those of us who have been collecting for a few years, it doesn’t give us much to get excited about.  And again, all plastic, even the “wooden” bench for the campfire.

Does anyone else think the swimming pool is an epic fail?  For $100, you could do a whole lot better and just buy an actual baby swimming pool that looks more realistic.  I just don’t see this as a very interactive toy, unless your doll is going to do nothing but lay by the pool and look cute.  Just not into this item at all.




There wasn’t a lot in the way of new clothing this time around and none of the BeForever dolls had anything added to their collections.  I did like this outfit though:

I am impressed with the fact that someone is using some common sense with the new clothing and not picking ridiculous colors.  No new mix and match items though.

I may have to get this swimsuit for Mimi…

It wasn’t a “take your breath away” release, but it wasn’t horrible either.  I think the items that came out in the fall were much more interesting.  My credit card won’t take too hard of a hit this time around!

What did you think of the new releases?  And how about Blaire and her collection?  What was your favorite item?