About Me

Photographer, Musician, Writer, Paper Crafter, Sewer, Grown-up Doll Lover, mom to 2 crazy Shelties!

I love to travel (when I can), watching British television shows (Downton Abbey, Coronation Street, Fawlty Towers, Torchwood, etc), listening to and playing all kinds of music.  I also love thrift store shopping, especially when I can combine it with any of my hobbies.  I love crafting, I am willing to try just about any craft at least once.  I have been sewing since I was a kid but also scrapbook, rubber stamp, basket weaving, jewelry making…you name it, I probably have done it!  I’m also a guitarist/singer, singing as part of a duo, something I never thought I’d ever be doing!

I got my first American Girl doll in 1990 when I was 26!  I still have Samantha and in 2014 I decided to get Rebecca which triggered my interest in American Girl all over again.  Including Samantha, I currently have 18 American Girls dolls, some historical, some GOTY, some Truly Me and 4 customs as well as 1 Wellie Wisher.  I also love The Sunshine Family and have inherited my mom’s collection of 1/12 scale miniatures/dollhouse.  I used to collect bears, but I am no longer adding to that collection, it is out of hand 😉

I’ve been a serious photographer since 1992. The photos on this blog were taken with a Canon T2i w/kit lens, a Canon Power Shot SX 150 IS, a Sony H1, a Canon T7i and a Canon M100,  sometimes using an on-camera flash.  Please do not use my photos without permission, thanks!

Sometimes I mention some other people in my blog.  Sharry is the blogmistress of Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule and has become a good friend over our mutual love of 18 inch dolls.  Xyra is the blogmistress of Tea Time with Melody Q and is a fellow Pennsylvania doll collector that I’ve become friends with.  One of the best parts of blogging is getting to know other people who have similar interests, be sure to check out my “Blogs I Enjoy” tab, lots of great people out there!  Barbie Girl is one of my nieces who is actually only a few years younger than me (we have an interesting age range/dynamic in our family!) and has been a Barbie nut for as long as I can remember.  She inherited my childhood Barbie’s/dolls and actually still has some of them!  She is an avid collector of early Barbie dolls from the 1960’s.  Evil Twin is my oldest sister and I managed to get her hooked on American Girl too.  She already had an original pre-Mattel Felicity and has since added 6 more dolls to her collection.  Why is she called Evil Twin?  Well, it goes back to a conversation many years ago.  Our mother always said that of the four girls in our family, the two of us looked the most alike.  We don’t just have the same coloring and facial features, but we also have very similar personalities.  However, she is the oldest and I’m the youngest with a very big age gap in between.  We decided that the only explanation for this is that we are “twins” and that one of us has to be the “evil twin”–you know, like in a soap opera kind of way?  It has become an ongoing joke throughout the years.

Want to drop me a line? You can reach me at rosiesflo@yahoo.com No spam please! (“I don’t like Spam!” said in my best Monty Python voice!)

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oooooooh…I’m gonna to need to read your whole blog. Can’t wait! So far your description sounds like we have a ton in common and I wish I could go thrifting with you! Ever since I discovered Pinterest a few months ago, I can’t believe how many adult AG, Barbie, and miniatures lovers there are out there. I’ve been so lonely hiding away my treasures because my friends sneer at them. Woo hoo! Here’s to tiny things!

    • Welcome! No hiding my love of dolls here, waving my freak flag proudly! It makes me sad though to hear that others have friends and family who aren’t as accepting. I actually grew up in a house of miniature crazy people: 1/12 scale doll houses, trains, flower arrangements–that’s just a few of the tiny things we have done (emphasis on WE). I’m currently working on a project (read: new addiction) that I’m anxious to show every one once it’s finished. Have fun looking around! 🙂

  2. I’ve heard about your blog from multiple other bloggers and finally decided to check it out – it’s fantastic! I really admire the amount of work you put into your posts. You do such an incredible job! I followed and am looking forward to whatever you post next. 🙂


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