Dollhouse and Doll Storage

Last week I unveiled Mimi’s bedroom.  That was certainly a fun project, but not without a lot of work ahead of time.  In case you missed it in my previous post, I decided to put all of the dollhouse stuff in storage for a variety of reasons.  The main one being I hadn’t been using … Continue reading Dollhouse and Doll Storage

Updated Dollhouse Tour

Last summer I gave a tour of the dollhouse since it was “finished”.  I remember someone, I think Nonna, joking about how you are never really finished.  She was right!  Since then, I’ve picked up some new pieces, swapped out some things, changed stuff, and rearranged a bit.  I have managed to stick with my “it … Continue reading Updated Dollhouse Tour

Dollhouse tour–the bathroom (and the last room!)

Here we are at the end of the dollhouse tour. 😦 If I do add any rooms to it I’ll be sure to share them, but as it stands, I am out of room. Which led me to how I came up with this room. I knew I didn’t really have space for a permanent … Continue reading Dollhouse tour–the bathroom (and the last room!)