Talk about crappy timing…

I’ve not been pleased with WordPress’s new format and was happy that I was able to still use the classic format for writing posts. However, today when I went in to write a post, guess what?? Yep, classic editor is gone. And I really don’t have time at the moment to sit and figure it out. So…this might be the last post for some time. Thanks a lot WordPress. You suck and your timing is just about the worst ever. Will update in a few days, this might be when the move to Blogspot is going to happen, glad I hadn’t totally put that on the backburner. Ugh…


UPDATE:  I did find a way around this.  However, going forward, I am going to prepare to move the blog anyhow.  I’ve had enough.  If you are in a similar situation as I found myself, please read this post from someone else.  God  bless people who share this info.  I really honestly think WordPress is trying to force everyone into buying upgraded service.  No thanks, I don’t make a penny off this blog, get nothing for free, it’s just for fun.

12 thoughts on “Talk about crappy timing…

  1. Hi! I hear you! There is supposed to be a way to allow you to still use the Classic editor but I’ve seen that Classic will be gone forever by 2022. I posted a link on my blog to a YouTube tutorial that helped me immensely in figuring out the new blog platform and I actually do think it will be a better way to blog. I am navigating the new format blogging from my phone so it’s a bit different for me but the tutorial is very good for anyone blogging from the computer format. I HATED the new platform at first but then I thought, maybe these WordPress computer guys know more stuff about blog platforms than me. I waded through some very not helpful tutorials until I found this one. Just scroll down on the post. It’s at the end. I hope that helps!

    ginnie /

    • Right now I’m the full time care person for my husband and just don’t have time to learn an entirely new format or watch videos or do anything. I don’t even have time to play my guitar at the moment. I just wanted to come in here and throw a post up quickly. So, in the meantime, I’m either not posting, or I’m taking it somewhere else and I’ve never been a big fan of WordPress, so the latter is looking more and more appealing.

      • Aw I totally understand that, this is crappy timing as your post says. I will definitely follow you to your new location! I’m not a big fan of WordPress but hopefully these new changes help me enjoy my blogging more. Doing it from my phone is already helping for me as now I can blog anywhere, even waiting in line if I want to. You have to do what is best and what works for you. That’s what’s most important for sure.


  2. Yeah, I agree. I liked using the classic editor a lot more too, but it seems to be fully gone now. I tried using the new format and it’s not terrible, although it’s hard to resize pictures because you’re just going based on visual size instead of pixels or whatever measurement it used before. I wish it was just an April Fool’s day prank, but it was like that a week or so ago when I last posted.

    • Thanks for that info. Right now I barely have time to do anything, last thing I need is something frustrating like this. And I’ve not been happy with a number of things on WordPress, so it’s time to move the blog like I’d been considering before. I’ll take it to where I wanted it to be originally.

      • Thank you! I did what the post said. Hopefully now I don’t have to worry about the block editor until next time they decide to change wordpress.

  3. From reading the comments and the article with the work around, it sounds as if the block editor might be more suited for those posting from other mobile devises and not a sit down computer. Which really stinks! Why does everyone think we want to stay on our tiny devices all day long. My new phone is a tragedy! the keyboard is such that I make way more typos, swiping instead of taping makes it harder for me to view FB posts with multiple photos, and the auto correct takes more steps to make corrections. I loved and still love my stylo 5 and am in a love/hate relationship with my 6 for many reasons beyond that which re mentioned here.

    Much love to you!

    • EXACTLY! And in my case, on a standard keyboard I type 100 words per minute. I can’t even come close to that on a phone or tablet! I would make so many mistakes, besides the fact that my arthritic hands would be screaming trying to type continually on something that small. And voice to text–no thanks. It’s okay for something where typos aren’t an issue, but not on a blog. Again a case of where I’d spend more time fixing things than actually getting a post done.

      • And having to add a bluetooth keyboard and carry that around is nuts too.

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