I don’t really need anymore dolls, but…

I regularly go into the Target website to see what is new in the Our Generation line.  I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of Our Generation dolls for various reasons, the main one for a while being their “deer in the headlights” look in their eyes.  I am happy to see they have changed them a bit and they are much more attractive.  Their wigs are not the greatest either, but you could always shave them bald and attach a better quality wig that has a wig cap.  However…this doll really caught my eye for all sorts of reasons!!

Here’s Kacy!

I love this idea of a doll with a removable prosthetic leg!  And she’s so pretty!


She has a cute outfit too.  If you go to the Target website, there is a video that shows how her leg is finished without the prosthetic.

Has anyone seen this doll in person?  I just wonder if she is as pretty in person as she is on the website.  She’s not in stock at any stores near me just yet, I have a feeling she hasn’t been available for very long.

This also makes me wonder if they might do dolls with other prosthetic limbs.  I love the idea and I find it interesting that they’ve managed to do this way before American Girl, even though AG has had someone doing customizations of dolls this way.  Wouldn’t be fun if they made additional accessories too for this doll–a running set with a running blade would be really cool!

If you would like to check her out on the Target website and see the video, here’s the link:


She is also available in an African American version, as Suzee:



9 thoughts on “I don’t really need anymore dolls, but…

  1. I do love this face and their characters but my OG dolls did not age well. Limbs are different colors from heads and bodies. Some are really off color now.

    I just won’t buy any more. I don’t know if they’ve resolved this issue or not.

  2. She is much cuter than most Our Generation dolls, however I’m not going to get her, because I really try to only collect American Girl Dolls. My sister also has the OG doll Sarah, and I am pretty sure this doll is just Sarah with a new outfit.

    • I hear you–and the biggest concern when doing photos for a blog for stories is that the dolls may looks TOO different from each other if you mix brands.

  3. She’s adorable! I don’t have any OG dolls (I agree the earlier faces just did not appeal to me).

    I hear you about the photo shoot issues. I love my Haley – she was a gift and is an Avon Madame Alexander – she does look different from the others but she blends in well. The difficulty with her is that her body is so different posing her takes a lot of time the breast plate makes her top heavy and prone to tipping over and her hip joints and leg spacing contributes to this as well.


    • The only OG doll I ever had was Jan (remember her?) and she was a nightmare to pose. Her legs were too close together and wouldn’t stay where you positioned them. I had seriously considered rewigging her but after having several doll “domino” situations with photo shoots, decided she needed a new home. And it makes me hesitant to buy any of their dolls because of that.

      • Yes! That domino situation! Ugh! I truly need a set of risers. And it’s why Haley is seated in our Easter greeting! 😀

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