What I Did On My Summer Vacation…

Hey guys, it’s Kira here!  Since school is all messed up (and so was everyone’s summer), our teachers told us we weren’t going to do our traditional story about what we did over the summer.  I was kind of disappointed because I had a super exciting summer, but I totally understood since not everyone was able to do something due to the pandemic.  So…what did I do for my summer vacation?

I went to Australia!  My dad’s family owns/runs a wildlife sanctuary there, so my mom and I went to visit.  We were there a couple of summers ago, but now that I’m older, I got to help out with taking care of the animals as well.

This is me with my friend Alexis.  Her mom and dad work at the sanctuary and she gets to live there, isn’t she lucky?  She does online school all the time since the sanctuary is out in the middle of nowhere, how cool is that?

This is me with Bean, a baby koala that the sanctuary took in to raise after he was orphaned.  He’s such a sweetie, even if he is a fussy eater.  I was lucky enough to get to take care of him while I was there.

Me in my official bush jacket and hat.  What you wear is very important because during the day it can get super hot and at night very chilly.  And then there are all sorts of bugs and animals you need to be protected from as well.  My jacket is just like the one my Auntie Mamie has!

Alexis and I had tents right beside each other to stay in.  Usually her dad made us breakfast, but one morning we decided we wanted to try making it ourselves.  I made her an American breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with Alexis when we weren’t busy (which wasn’t very often).  One day we decided to get some pics of me with Bean so I’d have something to remember my time with him.

I think she got a great picture of us!

It was really a fun trip and Alexis and I manage to stay in touch thanks to the internet.  I have some more pics I’ll share another time, I hope you enjoyed these!

8 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Vacation…

    • It was so much fun! And Bean was such a sweetheart. I imagine by now he’s fully grown.

      (Bean is actually a keychain, I’ve been contemplating on removing the keyring or not–He might be cute clipped to my backpack or the bag I carry to music gigs!–Flo)

  1. LOVE this! Sounds like a fabulous summer!


    Great post! I definitely want to add Kira’s accessories to my collection. 🙂


    • It was, I had so much fun. I’m hoping to share some more pictures of my Australia adventure too! ~Kira

      I have definitely added my fair share of Kira stuff to my collection LOL ~Flo

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