I don’t really need anymore dolls, but…

I regularly go into the Target website to see what is new in the Our Generation line.  I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of Our Generation dolls for various reasons, the main one for a while being their “deer in the headlights” look in their eyes.  I am happy to see they have changed them a bit and they are much more attractive.  Their wigs are not the greatest either, but you could always shave them bald and attach a better quality wig that has a wig cap.  However…this doll really caught my eye for all sorts of reasons!!

Here’s Kacy!

I love this idea of a doll with a removable prosthetic leg!  And she’s so pretty!


She has a cute outfit too.  If you go to the Target website, there is a video that shows how her leg is finished without the prosthetic.

Has anyone seen this doll in person?  I just wonder if she is as pretty in person as she is on the website.  She’s not in stock at any stores near me just yet, I have a feeling she hasn’t been available for very long.

This also makes me wonder if they might do dolls with other prosthetic limbs.  I love the idea and I find it interesting that they’ve managed to do this way before American Girl, even though AG has had someone doing customizations of dolls this way.  Wouldn’t be fun if they made additional accessories too for this doll–a running set with a running blade would be really cool!

If you would like to check her out on the Target website and see the video, here’s the link:


She is also available in an African American version, as Suzee:



What I Did On My Summer Vacation…

Hey guys, it’s Kira here!  Since school is all messed up (and so was everyone’s summer), our teachers told us we weren’t going to do our traditional story about what we did over the summer.  I was kind of disappointed because I had a super exciting summer, but I totally understood since not everyone was able to do something due to the pandemic.  So…what did I do for my summer vacation?

I went to Australia!  My dad’s family owns/runs a wildlife sanctuary there, so my mom and I went to visit.  We were there a couple of summers ago, but now that I’m older, I got to help out with taking care of the animals as well.

This is me with my friend Alexis.  Her mom and dad work at the sanctuary and she gets to live there, isn’t she lucky?  She does online school all the time since the sanctuary is out in the middle of nowhere, how cool is that?

This is me with Bean, a baby koala that the sanctuary took in to raise after he was orphaned.  He’s such a sweetie, even if he is a fussy eater.  I was lucky enough to get to take care of him while I was there.

Me in my official bush jacket and hat.  What you wear is very important because during the day it can get super hot and at night very chilly.  And then there are all sorts of bugs and animals you need to be protected from as well.  My jacket is just like the one my Auntie Mamie has!

Alexis and I had tents right beside each other to stay in.  Usually her dad made us breakfast, but one morning we decided we wanted to try making it ourselves.  I made her an American breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with Alexis when we weren’t busy (which wasn’t very often).  One day we decided to get some pics of me with Bean so I’d have something to remember my time with him.

I think she got a great picture of us!

It was really a fun trip and Alexis and I manage to stay in touch thanks to the internet.  I have some more pics I’ll share another time, I hope you enjoyed these!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Erin Go Bragh!  Failte!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  Mimi is all decked out in her Irish outfit just for the occasion!  When I saw this set available, I had to have it.  Mimi is the only one of my dolls to actually go to Ireland, so it’s only natural that she got to wear it.

I LOVE the clothes.  I wasn’t so sure about those yellow tights though, but once you put them on, they are no longer an in your face yellow and very tolerable.

The green cardigan is by far my favorite part of the whole set, but I really do love it all.  And you can never have too many hiking style boots. (At least my gang can’t.)

The t-shirt is awesome with all the different Irish related logos.  Somewhere I saw a comment that made me just shake my head.  It was along the lines of “the only people that would wear an Ireland t-shirt are tourists.”  UH–NO KIDDING!  That’s the idea of this set as well as all the other sets.  And actually, I have friends in Ireland who have been known to sport an Ireland t-shirt every so often too, so that thinking is wrong.  I really like the skirt too, this whole set has endless mix and match potential!

The accessories are cute too, but I wasn’t as wowed by them as I was by the outfit. The bag is nice, but a little bit cheap looking.  The postcards are cute.  The shortbread cookie tin is nice…but the cookies are huge!!!!

Shortbread cookies ARE NOT as big as your hand.  I’ve yet to ever see one this big.  Usually they are a nice small biscuit, the perfect size for dunking in your tea or coffee.  Ugh.  Oh well.  I may have to make some more realistic sized ones to put in this tin instead.

I’m loving this new travel theme, it’s all super cute!  Having been to Ireland numerous times, these were definitely must have sets.  The England sets, I’m not as sold on.  I showed them to a friend from Wales and her comment was that the accessories were good, but the dress was a swing and a miss, it’s more Scotland than Ireland.  The other sets are places I’ve not traveled too or are not as familiar with, so I’m not sure about the accuracy on those, but I think the idea of promoting travel and education about other countries is great and I hope that AG maybe adds some more to it.  Maybe some Latin America?  Portugal?  China?  Where would you like to see them go next?