A Nice Little “Ooops!” (sort of a “Doll Sized Finds”)

In November of 2019 my husband bought a new car.  He wanted a set of Weathertech floor mats for the front since he is on the road a lot with his job and wanted to be sure the floor was well protected.  Unfortunately because his car was a new body style, they weren’t available.  Ugh!  We’d kind of forgotten about them until I saw an ad on TV for them, so I decided to check and see if they were available yet, and lo and behold, they were!  His birthday was coming up soon and he is just about the hardest person in the world to buy for.  Score!

They don’t just make floor mats though, they have a nice assortment of different things, ranging from coasters for your car to dog bowl stands, so I decided to look around a bit.  I needed some other fun things, not just for his birthday, so I decided to look around.  In the process of looking around, I found a perfect and amusing stocking stuffer–beverage coasters shaped like floor mats!  He has never been a fan of the Irish marble ones we have to begin with and these made me chuckle, so I ordered a set for him, along with some other stuff for gifts.

I started getting shipping notifications within a day or so of the order, and the coasters were on their way along with something else I ordered.  Unfortunately, they arrived on a Saturday when he was home, so I couldn’t even open them.  I took the two boxes I’d received (assuming there was an item in each) and stuck them in my office.  Monday rolled around, he left for work and I decided to check them out.  This is where things get confusing…I got TWO of each item I ordered, both boxes had one of each item.  I’m not sure what happened, and I’m not going to ask any further questions because I don’t think anyone knows the answer.  All I knew was now I had two sets of mini Weathertech coaster floormats.  Hmmm…

Here’s what they look like:

They actually work really well too!  My husband got a kick out of them when he pulled them out of his stocking, so they were a hit.  But now…what to do with the second set?  I thought about putting them away and saving them for another male family member as a fun gift, or just hang on to them.  And then as I was looking at them, it dawned on me…

These are the perfect size for an AG vehicle!!!!  To the Surf Van!!!

If anyone had seen me doing this, they would have thought I was totally off my rocker, I was giggling.  And then after messing around a bit, I had success.  Now, they don’t fit the standard way a floor mat would in a normal automobile, but hey, they work!!!

Now I’m curious if they fit in an AG or other car the right way–but I don’t have one, so I guess I won’t know since I really don’t plan on buying one just to find out.  But Alex and Wendy now have a van complete with high end floor mats.  Top that!

3 thoughts on “A Nice Little “Ooops!” (sort of a “Doll Sized Finds”)

  1. Fabulous find! They are really cute too and fit the van well. Makes it look more realistic even if they are sideways.

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