Christmas Loot!

Belated Happy New Year everybody!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, even if it was a little bit messed up.  I got some really cool stuff for Christmas, would you like to see?

I got my very own pie iron for using at campfires, how cool is this?  My favorite is one made with peanut butter and jelly, and my other is one with apple pie filling in it.  Do you have a favorite?

I also got a new sleeping bag!!  It is very comfy, I like that it has a built in pillow.

All this camping stuff was exciting, but here’s my favorite present–my very own tent!!!

I can’t wait to go camping now!  I’ve been talking about a backyard campout with Allie, Wendy and Christine, now we have enough spaces for all four of us to sleep.  If Alex wants to join us, he has his own tent too.

I also got a very pretty coat and a cute t-shirt.

What did you get for Christmas?


In case you are wondering where the tent and camping supplies came from, this was an American Girl set that was sold at Costco.  I managed to get one online (that’s a first for Costco), it sold out not too long after I got mine.  It’s not a huge set, but had things I was really hoping to get somehow.

The set includes the pie iron with a pie split in two, toasted marshmallows on a stick, a smore and two (yes two!) plates.  Also a camp fire which lights up and makes fire noises.  I haven’t tried it out yet because I didn’t feel like putting batteries in it only to have to take them out later.  I’m assuming it’s cool.

The sleeping bag is really cute, I do wish though they’d make these with a zipper in them so they were more realistic.   It’s long enough for the doll though.

The tent is well thought out in it’s assembly, the poles are self contained, you just have to adjust them so it stands up on it’s own. (It also gets the Sophie seal of approval.)

There is ample room for two sleeping bags, I took the one from the surf van and put it in beside the one included in the set.

The main entrance zips closed along with some velcro at the bottom.  There are built in elastics to hold it back when you want it open.  On the sides are vented windows that can be open or closed as well.

The back is netting, much like previous versions of this tent style.

There was also a coupon for a free book!  I need to look and see if the selection has changed since I first looked, it was almost sold out.

A cute set and I like the colors in it, they match both the surf van and the pop up camper!  I was never a big fan of the two My Life As tents I already had and passed them on to a young girl I knew who was just getting into 18 inch dolls.

One last thing…Mimi’s shirt.  As I was shooting these pics, I noticed something…

Do you see what’s wrong????  Weird.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Loot!

  1. Funny (on the shirt)!

    Doll camping is fun! I will someday set up a forest and tents for my wee folks.

    • I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before I did this shoot! Oh well. And yes, doll camping is fun and it’s been a while since anyone here has done any.

  2. That is hilarious having the tag sewn on backward!

    I love your new camping gear! Can’t wait to see your camping post. that would be fun to set out all the different tents we have. I think I have 2 maybe three.

    Oh! Light Bulb! The OG one(s) with the non-zip tent flap could be cabanas for around the pool!

    I love your haul. I think Kirsten has a sweater like yours but in a blue hue. It’s handmade with a slim fit so Haley tends to wear it more often.

    • I’m debating on if I should just remove the tag–or would it have more value as an “oops” LOL

      We have two tents, the one you gave us and this one. The van and the pop up camper. I think that’s it. I suppose a few people could camp “cowboy style” under the stars if they wanted to have a big get together! Excellent idea for the OG tent!!

      The sweater is the AG one from the “Apres Ski” set, I found it cheap on Ebay because it was missing a few pieces. All I cared about was the sweater!

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