Using Your Dolls As Holiday Decor!

I know of several people who have used their dolls as part of their holiday decor but I just recently started leaving stuff out this year, more specifically after I bought Grace’s cart:

I had intended to do a fall display with the city market set but I just never got around to it.  There’s always next year!  However, I did manage to get one done for Christmas.  I decided to use the Our Generation Hot Chocolate stand.

I dug around in my doll sized Christmas decor and pulled out several things I thought would work:

I knew I was going to have to play around with some of the stuff a bit.  I used double sided sticky dots to hold things in place.  They worked well although they periodically just decide to let go here and there, it is bizarre!!

I put stuff on each end.

And a wreath on the front.  However, the wreath fell off, so I had to change things around a bit!  After a lot of messing around, I finally ended up with things the way I wanted them.

Marie Grace is all ready to sell hot chocolate in her festive outfit!

After changing things around, this is what I ended up with.  I had to cover up the 3M hanger, the little sled worked well for that purpose!

“What can I get for you?”

This is in my living room on top of a small bookcase we have.  Beside it you can see my lone venture into being crafty this holiday season, I wasn’t feeling much into it, but saw something similar to this and realized I had the perfect picture frame in my stash to make it with.  Once in a while being a pack rat pays off!

Do you include your dolls in your holiday decor?  And if you do, what have you done?  I kind of designated this spot in my living room as a nice place to permanently have something.  I suppose I should start thinking of ideas for upcoming holidays!  It’s a shame I don’t still have my big old buffet in my dining room, I could use the surf van to do a summer display…or maybe that is taking it a bit too far??


6 thoughts on “Using Your Dolls As Holiday Decor!

  1. Hey Flo, that set up looks great!!
    I don’t really have a display place set up for my dolls, but I have some shelves in the den where this computer is that have all of my Happy Holiday Barbies line up surrounded by Christmas lights. I have wanted to do a Christmas display somewhere though. I think it’s so cozy and fun to do that for different holidays! I’m currently doing the Marie Kondo method to clear out clutter though so once that is done I will hopefully have more space for my dolls!

    • Oh cool idea with the Holiday Barbies. I’m hoping to do some serious cleaning out of stuff around here in the new year, it’s time!

  2. I love your display. It’s great that you have so many accessories on hand.

    I don’t have a Christmas display. I have a small table-top tree. I need to take it out of the box and set it up. I could probably put some dolls around it. I hadn’t thought about that.

    • That’s really cool. I am planning on sticking with some sort of “decor” in my living room. It’s just fun and a new use for something I have a lot of LOL!

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