It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas… (sort of)

Last week Mimi had a great idea and invited the gang over.  Everyone came except for Alex, but no one was surprised at that since A) he’s a guy and B) he’s 16.  Oh well.  What was Mimi’s idea??  A gingerbread house!

The gals arrived and they were ready to go.

“What do we need to do Mimi?”  “We need to set up the folding table first!”

They quickly got it set up.

Mimi set the stuff for decorating on the table.

Mimi’s mom had already assembled the gingerbread house, so all they had to do was decorate it.  Allie did the icing:

Mimi put on the gum drops:

Wendy added the blue sprinkles:

And Christine added the pink!

Between the four of them, they made very short work of the project!

Mimi’s mom ordered pizza for the girls to eat afterwards.

While they ate the pizza, they chatted about all sorts of stuff.

“Mimi sure has a cool room, doesn’t she Wendy?”  “She sure does!  It’s so big.”

“Christine, I have a really fun idea, mom and I were talking about it earlier.”  “Oh, what’s that?”  “We thought it would be fun if the 5 of us in our pod had a little Christmas party the last day of our classes, we can all get dressed up.”

Wendy overheard and chimed in.  “I agree, I think that would be a great idea!  We don’t have to exchange gifts since we can’t really go shopping easily, but we could each bring something to share for lunch!”

Allie came over to the table.  “Party?!?!”

“I know just what I’m going to wear!”

(Of course she does…)


Wendy is wearing Joss’s Beach Jumper set.  I picked it up recently and it’s really cute.  My only complaint is I wish they hadn’t left a rough seam at the bottom of the skirt, but it seems like it is secured enough to not ravel.  The shoes are adorable though!!

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  1. I am a non-cook so that is my type of Gingerbread house! Let it come assembled and decorate it (laugh). It looks like the children enjoyed themselves. It was definitely a great way to end classes.

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