Party Time!

Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids at Kennedy and because they would normally have a school assembly for the afternoon, all classes were done at noon.  Instead of a school assembly, the gang in the pod had a little Christmas party!  Each of the mom’s made something–Alex and Wendy’s mom made a strawberry Jello mold, Mimi’s mom made a tray of cookies and apples with dip and Allie and Christine’s mom made a plate of nachos.  The kids took a vote on the main course and they unanimously voted for Chinese!  They all decided General Tso’s with lo mein and egg rolls sounded good.  (And I’m now hungry for Chinese while I’m typing this!)

Everyone got dressed up like they had planned.  Alex and Mimi were the first ones done with their classes, so they hurried to see what was for lunch!

“Oh wow, everything looks so yummy!” said Mimi.  “I agree,” said Alex, “and I’m going to have a little bit of everything!  Starting with those nachos.”

Christine and Wendy were the next ones to join them.  “My mom makes the best Jello with strawberries, I can’t wait to have some dessert” said Wendy.  “I’ve been thinking about Chinese food all morning” said Christine, “I was having a hard time concentrating on math!”

Allie was the last one to get done with her classes, she had a big test in Algebra.  “I think I did well, I guess I’ll find out in a few days!  I’m ready to eat!”

“Whoo hoo,it’s officially Christmas vacation now!!”


The classes on this day were at Allie and Christine’s.  “Once we are done eating, we can go into the family room with the piano and sing Christmas carols” said Christine.  “Allie and I have been practicing a bunch of them.”  “I have too!” replied Mimi.  “I guess we are all set then for an official holiday celebration then” said Alex.  “But enough talk, let’s eat!!!!!”

After they finished with lunch, they talked for a bit while lunch settled (it is very hard to sing on a full stomach) and then headed into the family room.  Allie was the first one to play, she started out with “Jingle Bells”, then “O Come All Ye Faithful” and finished with “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”.  Then it was Mimi’s turn!

“This is so cool, getting to play on your grand piano!  This is going to sound so awesome.”  Mimi started out with “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”, then “Silent Night” and ended up playing the music from a Charlie Brown Christmas (the part where they are working on the play) and everyone else danced like their favorite character.  Mimi was having a hard time not laughing at them!

When Mimi finished, it was Christine’s turn.  She had been practicing really hard and surprised them all with the Weird Al Song “Christmas At Ground Zero”, and they all knew every word!  She then played “Deck The Halls” and finished up the afternoon with “Sleigh Ride”.  Wendy was excited, she said that “Sleigh Ride” is her favorite Christmas song.  Everyone agreed it was really fun to get to sing together and maybe they should do this more often.

Before Mimi, Alex and Wendy headed home, they decided to get a picture of all of them together since, not only do they not get dressed up like this very often, but to commemorate what has been a very unusual year and holiday.




(Mimi, Wendy and Allie are wearing assorted American Girl holiday dresses/shoes.  Christine is wearing a My Life As holiday dress and Alex is wearing the American Girl Festive Formal Outfit from this year that is now sold out.)




Using Your Dolls As Holiday Decor!

I know of several people who have used their dolls as part of their holiday decor but I just recently started leaving stuff out this year, more specifically after I bought Grace’s cart:

I had intended to do a fall display with the city market set but I just never got around to it.  There’s always next year!  However, I did manage to get one done for Christmas.  I decided to use the Our Generation Hot Chocolate stand.

I dug around in my doll sized Christmas decor and pulled out several things I thought would work:

I knew I was going to have to play around with some of the stuff a bit.  I used double sided sticky dots to hold things in place.  They worked well although they periodically just decide to let go here and there, it is bizarre!!

I put stuff on each end.

And a wreath on the front.  However, the wreath fell off, so I had to change things around a bit!  After a lot of messing around, I finally ended up with things the way I wanted them.

Marie Grace is all ready to sell hot chocolate in her festive outfit!

After changing things around, this is what I ended up with.  I had to cover up the 3M hanger, the little sled worked well for that purpose!

“What can I get for you?”

This is in my living room on top of a small bookcase we have.  Beside it you can see my lone venture into being crafty this holiday season, I wasn’t feeling much into it, but saw something similar to this and realized I had the perfect picture frame in my stash to make it with.  Once in a while being a pack rat pays off!

Do you include your dolls in your holiday decor?  And if you do, what have you done?  I kind of designated this spot in my living room as a nice place to permanently have something.  I suppose I should start thinking of ideas for upcoming holidays!  It’s a shame I don’t still have my big old buffet in my dining room, I could use the surf van to do a summer display…or maybe that is taking it a bit too far??


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas… (sort of)

Last week Mimi had a great idea and invited the gang over.  Everyone came except for Alex, but no one was surprised at that since A) he’s a guy and B) he’s 16.  Oh well.  What was Mimi’s idea??  A gingerbread house!

The gals arrived and they were ready to go.

“What do we need to do Mimi?”  “We need to set up the folding table first!”

They quickly got it set up.

Mimi set the stuff for decorating on the table.

Mimi’s mom had already assembled the gingerbread house, so all they had to do was decorate it.  Allie did the icing:

Mimi put on the gum drops:

Wendy added the blue sprinkles:

And Christine added the pink!

Between the four of them, they made very short work of the project!

Mimi’s mom ordered pizza for the girls to eat afterwards.

While they ate the pizza, they chatted about all sorts of stuff.

“Mimi sure has a cool room, doesn’t she Wendy?”  “She sure does!  It’s so big.”

“Christine, I have a really fun idea, mom and I were talking about it earlier.”  “Oh, what’s that?”  “We thought it would be fun if the 5 of us in our pod had a little Christmas party the last day of our classes, we can all get dressed up.”

Wendy overheard and chimed in.  “I agree, I think that would be a great idea!  We don’t have to exchange gifts since we can’t really go shopping easily, but we could each bring something to share for lunch!”

Allie came over to the table.  “Party?!?!”

“I know just what I’m going to wear!”

(Of course she does…)


Wendy is wearing Joss’s Beach Jumper set.  I picked it up recently and it’s really cute.  My only complaint is I wish they hadn’t left a rough seam at the bottom of the skirt, but it seems like it is secured enough to not ravel.  The shoes are adorable though!!