The New Way To “School”!

Hey guys, Mimi here!  Hope everyone is doing okay.  We’re good here, although I have to admit, I’m getting tired of being stuck at home.  However, my mom learned from a friend a really great way of doing school that has not only worked out great for us as well, but is actually kind of fun!

We are now officially part of a “pod”.  What’s a pod you ask?  It’s a small group of people that you only interact with during the pandemic.  It can be just who lives in your household or it can include another household (or two) as long as you all agree to be super careful and limit your interactions with anyone outside of your pod.

Our pod consists of me, my mom and dad, my friends Allie and Christine and their parents and my other friends Wendy and Alex and their parents.  It works great because the parents are all currently working from home (my mom and Wendy and Alex’s dad do all the time anyhow), so the risk is significantly reduced.  They’ve even gotten so that they pool a grocery order and have it delivered to one house, then divvy it up, do the same with takeout deliveries too, minimizing contact to anyone from outside the pod.  It’s working out great and our three families have all become really close friends too.

For school all of the kids meet at one house.  Allie and Alex are close in age and take some of the same classes.  Me, Christine and Wendy are all in the same grade, so we have two little groups and whichever parent is around that day (they take turns) helps us out if we get into a problem.  We all attend Kennedy and they’ve done some very creative stuff with their curriculum due to online learning–will share some of that in another post later on!  Before we start our day together, we all take our temperatures and have agreed if anyone is running a fever or isn’t feeling well, everyone from that family will stay home.  So far we’re all still healthy and I hope it stays that way.

Another advantage to the pod is it enables the kids to still have someone to play with and the parents someone else to do things with.  Our houses are all close together too, so it makes it even easier!  One night all the parents had a get together at one house while the kids stayed at home.  We’re all old enough to be safe by ourselves but it was also nice knowing that if something did happen, our parents were only a text or phone call away and close enough to be back in minutes.

I recently had Wendy over to spend the night, I was so excited!  Seems like forever since we’ve had any kind of sleepover, and it was so much fun.  Plus my mom had some fun stuff for us to mess around with…

She was a teen in the 80’s and she’s been showing us some fun stuff.  Check out my outfit too!  My mom had kept some of her clothes from that era.  I was excited that it all fit, even the shoes.

She said that Cool Ranch Doritos were a new thing then too and all the rage!

She dug around in her closet some more and found this:



She told us how any girl who was into hair and make up owned a Caboodles case of some sort!  She also told the story of how they were invented after someone saw some model at a photo shoot using a fishing tackle box to keep all of her makeup and hair products organized.  These are definitely cuter than a tackle box!

Mom still had some stuff in hers…


Some makeup, nail stickers, a thing she called a “banana clip”, a hair pick and…


Mom explained about how hairspray was an essential item in any girls beauty kit.  Popular hair styles were “big” and you needed lots and lots of hairspray to sort of glue it into place.  Yuck, sounds like a lot of work and hassle to me, I think I will keep my hair short, thank you!

She said that hair bows and scrunchies were very popular as well, she had some really pretty ones and they looked like new.  She explained that while she had them, her hair never seemed to work well with a scrunchie, they always seemed to come out, so she quit bothering with them but never got rid of them.  Then the 90’s came along and she chopped her hair all off for a short, stylish do!

After we were done checking that all out, she brought out something else she had in her closet.  A boom box and a bunch of mix tapes she had made with some of her friends!

It was kind of fun listening to old 80’s music, while we ate Cool Ranch Doritos and drank fruit punch.  Mom said her favorite was Hawaiian Punch but it HAD to be out of a can, she said it tasted better!  She doesn’t like it now because it is in a plastic bottle and she says it doesn’t taste the same.  (She’s the same way with Canada Dry ginger ale too! LOL)

After we got our pj’s on, we decided to mess around a bit with the makeup while we listened to the mix tapes.

“Here Mimi, let me do your makeup!”

Uh, Laney, get out of the Doritos!

Check out the cute card I got from the gang at Tea Time With Melody Q!!!  (The bird is made from a pumpkin seed, how cool.)

Since Laney wouldn’t leave the Doritos alone, I moved it all up onto the bed beside us…and Ginger decided it looked yummy!  Darned dogs!!!!  (I banned them from the bedroom for the night after this.)

It was really nice having Wendy over for the night, we had fun listening to my mom’s old mix tapes and just hanging out.  I’m so thankful for our little pod and being able to see some of my friends.  We’ve also been doing Zoom get-togethers with some of our other friends, the gals that are all from out of state all went home and are scattered around.  Thank heavens for the internet!

Hope everyone reading this is healthy and being careful!


So, this is going to be the new format for any AG products I want to discuss.  I figure the photos are too busy for anyone to steal for selling purposes and I am no longer going to use the “R” word on my site in hopes of discouraging theft.  Fingers crossed!

Two sets from AG are featured in this post, the sleepover and the Caboodles sets.  I think both of these are really cute and well done, especially the Caboodles.  The irony on that set is a friend gave me an AG gift certificate for my birthday and I used it towards that–and then learned that not only did this friend LOVE Caboodles when she was younger but that she still had hers!  All of the pieces in this are cute, but my favorite hands down is the can of hairspray.  I have often joked over the last few years when an 80’s doll was still a rumor that she absolutely HAD to come with a can of hairspray and they delivered!  What is so cool about the can of hairspray is that not only is it cute with the removable cap, but you can press on the nozzle and it’s spring loaded so it feels like an actual can of hairspray!!!  Mimi is wearing a number of items from the new 80’s line and I like most of it.  The item I like the most is the tennis shoes, they are perfect, I had a pair of Reebok’s in this style and they did a great job on these.  My least favorite is the jeans, they don’t fit great and the Velcro on them isn’t strong enough to keep them closed!  I’m thinking about adding a snap or something to them, this to me was an epic fail.  I like the cardigan, it has a very Colours of Benneton vibe to it.   

The boom box is nice, but I think it’s a little bit too big, more so in the width as opposed to the length.  The rest of the idea is well executed and the way the cassettes actually “play” is done pretty much the same way as the record player that they made for Julie several years ago, different songs are selected by a series of pegs activated within the player.  I suspect the reason the boom box is so wide is to accommodate the all the electronics to make this all work.  It’s still pretty cool and comes with a nice assortment of accessories, I put the paper ones away for safe keeping.  Both of these sets were on my “must have” list and I’m really happy with both.  I decided the bowl of tortilla chips were meant to be Cool Ranch Doritos based on the colors of the spices on them, plus they really were all the rage in the 80’s, I ate many a bag of them! 

The whole idea for the “pod” is actually based on what a friend of mine in Washington State is doing with her daughters at the moment along with some other friends.  I think it’s an excellent way to still have some sort of social interaction, help with remote schooling and be safe all at the same time.  Future posts will focus on the 5 characters mentioned in this post through most of the pandemic, although we might have a “remote” appearance from some of the others at some point.  I’m trying my best to make lemonade out of lemons here LOL!

Hope you enjoyed this post!  If you’d like to read more fun facts about Caboodles, you can check it out here:,New%20Zealand%20native%20Leonie%20Mateer.

And yes, Hawaiian Punch only tastes good out of a can.  The great big ones that you pierced open with a “church key” can opener.  If you know what I’m talking about, you’ve got to be of a certain age group… 😉

Foosball or Billiards? Pick Your Poison!

I’ve been waiting since late January to write this post.  Why?  Well, because what I have to show you is something I got on clearance then and I didn’t want to show it to everyone and then have people not be able to find it.  Now you’re curious, right?

I stopped at Rite Aid for something and they still had a little bit of leftover Christmas stock.  It was all marked down 75%.  Of course I had to look, and I was super excited when I saw both of these still in the bin:


These are those little desktop pool and foosball sets that they sell every year around Christmas along with other little desk accessories that nobody really needs.  As you can see, the regular price on these sets was $14.99 and at 75% off, I got them each for $3.75!  I deliberately held off writing about them until now, I figure anyone who wants to pick these up might find them now, or if you are super patient, you might score a deal like I did!

We’ll look at the foosball table first.  It’s very well done and works pretty much just like a real foosball table.  The “field” is even a flocked material.

It comes with two metal balls for play.

I set it up on Melody’s table so you can get an idea of the size on it.

Mimi and Wendy are ready to play!

If you score a goal, it sits down in an open area in the base.  To retrieve the ball, you have to either fish around or lift the table up and it falls through the opening at either end.

Now for the pool/billiards table!

It is also flocked so it resembles a real table.  The hole openings are angled so that when a ball goes in, it automatically rolls down the chute and out a hole at the end of the table.

A full set of balls.  I wish they had been a bigger assortment of colors so they were much more like a real set.  They at least painted one black as the 8 ball and the silver ball I’m assuming is the cue ball.

With the rack and a pair of cue sticks, you’re ready to play!

The cue sticks are a little short, and trying to figure out how to make it look realistic with a doll was just about impossible!  I tried though.

I haven’t decided exactly where these are going to be used, the gang needs a game room now!  Definitely a fun bargain find though.

Have you found anything cool lately?  (I know it’s hard at the moment given the circumstances.  Ugh.)


A Trip To Tanzania Anyone??

The hubby recently received an Amazon gift card as an award for a sales promotion for his job.  Let me just tell you, it is a lot of fun to have freebies come your way when you least expect them!  We used them for a variety of things, but of course, I had to buy SOMETHING doll related.  I ended up with a Queen’s Treasures cat (the one I used as Lionel in the “That Darn Cat” post) and this cute outfit.

Called the Gombe National Park Camp Outfit, the set is in honor of legendary researcher Jane Goodall.  They did a whole line of items that were part of this set.  I’m not sure what is going on with The Queen’s Treasures at the moment, but there are only limited parts of this set still available now.  😦

The set includes the sweater, shirt and shorts.   The sweater is very nicely done, cut so that it fits nicely over the shirt too.  It closes with Velcro in the back.

The shirt is cute too, I initially had it tucked in so it didn’t hang out from under the sweater (although that is fashionable).  It is nicely finished at the bottom too so it can be worn either way.

The shorts are probably the least well done, they are too big for AG dolls.

A lot of gaping, even when the shirt was tucked in.  And then I realized I had them on backwards, so thinking that might have been why, I reversed them.  Nope.  Still just as bad.  I tried.

Finish on these items isn’t bad.  The sweater is finished well on the inside.

The finish on the shirt isn’t bad either, but for the time it took to sew those pieces of Velcro on, they could have put button holes in! The buttons on this are way too big too, they are not to scale.

The price on this wasn’t bad though for what you got, $12.50.  I’ve seen it cheaper since, The Queen’s Treasures frequently runs sales on their website too.  I give it a B, the idea is good, the sweater is really nice, but the sizing and the excessively large buttons are the negatives for me.  This was my first QT clothing purchase, I had only purchased furniture and accessories before, so I don’t have any other products from their clothing line to compare it to as far as quality.

The boots Rebecca is wearing with this are also Queen’s Treasures, the socks are American Girl, they came with Julie’s roller skates.