A surprise for Allie and Christine

This week “school” was at Mimi’s house.  The three houses are all side by side on the same street, so it’s super convenient for the kids to get from house to house (and will be an ever bigger plus once we get snow).  They start at 8AM and work until around 2.  Since everyone is doing virtual learning, the teachers have worked it out so it’s more intensive but they get done a little bit earlier.  Before they left for Mimi’s house, Allie and Christine’s mom told them to get home immediately because there was going to be a BIG surprise for them.  They had no idea what it might be, but they were both excited.

Once they walked in the front door, their mom said “go look in the family room”.  They were really surprised when they saw this:


The girls immediately ran over.  “Is it really ours?”

“Yes girls, it’s for the whole family but since you are both learning to play, we thought it would be nice to have.  This nice man your dad knows is getting ready to move to Virginia and he can’t take it with him.  He was happy to find a good home for it.  He used to be a music teacher and he’s moving in with his son and his family and there just wasn’t going to be enough room for it.”

“I’ll put the lid up, wow, it’s heavy!”

“Let me put the music stand up on it.  This is awesome!”

“Hang on, I’ll go grab some of our lesson books!”

“I grabbed one for you too Christine.  I can hardly wait to try it!”

Allie sat down and started to play “Ode To Joy” out of her lesson book.

“WOW!  It sounds great!  Okay Christine, your turn to try it out!”

“Let’s see, I know what I’ll play!  Something easy to start.”

“That sounds really good too! It sounds a whole lot different standing here beside the strings.”

“This is going to be so much fun!”

The girls insisted that their mom take a photo of them with their new piano!

Now they are looking forward to having school at their house so that Wendy, Alex and Mimi can try it out too!


This piano has been on my wish list for some time.  I already have Melody’s electric piano, but I always thought if I ever came across a good deal on the grand piano, I’d add it to my collection.  Thank heavens for Facebook Market place!  I found it literally in the “back yard” of where my sister-in-law lives–and only $40!  This version of the grand piano retailed for $150 and was discontinued several years ago.  When I went to pick it up I asked why they were getting rid of it, another case of kids outgrowing their toys and space at a premium.  Hey, I’m fine with that!

It has three songs it plays and I was so excited that one of the three is “Fur Elise” by Beethoven, that has been my go to song when trying out a piano for years.  The keys also work just like a real piano.  On the side is the on/off switch and volume control buttons.  

The lid comes off of the bench for storage.  It included both books and a certificate, everything that would have been included in the original package.  I was thrilled with the condition and the price, I think I got a really great deal on this and I can cross another item off my “wish” list!

I think I need to stay off Facebook Marketplace now LOL! 


6 thoughts on “A surprise for Allie and Christine

    • I really debated. It’s been sitting on the floor in my living room since I did this shoot, I need to find someplace to store it safely!! I do love it though, I learned to play on a grand piano and it is so different.

  1. Terrific find! I am seeing a lot of AG items in my local FB mom group this week. Great way to get some things at a reduced price and not mess with shipping.

    • Exactly. I’ve had a few not so great experiences with shipping and things not being packed well enough to protect them, so this was a plus–and no added expense either!

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