More World’s Smallest Goodies!

At the end of the summer a Facebook friend posted about getting a notice from Ebay, telling him he’d received a $25 credit for being one of their first members.  I thought it was pretty cool.  And then I thought to myself “Wait a second?!  We were onboard pretty early, maybe I need to check our account!”  Low and behold, in our e-mail was the same message.  Whoo hoo!!!  It was good for only 10 days so I didn’t have much time to waste.  I puttered around for a day or two and then it dawned on me what to use it on.  DOLL STUFF!!  (Sort of.)

I have been eyeing up a few more things from the World’s Smallest line for my collection so I started looking.  I finally settled on three different things:

A Hot Wheels set, some more My Little Ponies and a Kerplunk Game!

We already had some of the My Little Ponies but Mimi wanted more, so I was glad I came across another set with ones in it she didn’t already have.

“Check it out, looks like I have a little stable now!”

The Kerplunk game was pretty cool, it needed the tube attached to the base and it was ready to play!

Mimi let Wendy go first…

Then it was Mimi’s turn.

Oh no!  Some balls came through on Mimi’s side after a few rounds.

After a few more rounds, Wendy ended up winning.  They played several games of it and then it was on to something else.

The Hot Wheels set is just about the coolest World’s Smallest set I’ve ever seen.  When I was a kid I had this same set and the attention to detail is incredible!

The girls laid out all the pieces and started assembling the track.

We never did figure out the way to attach the track to the table with two tracks, but we still figured out a way to make it work.  The finish line was even accurate with the way the flag drops to determine the winner.

Mimi decided it might be best to set a notebook at the end of the track so the cars didn’t go all over the place and get lost under a piece of furniture.

Wipe out!!!

They did find that the blue car always won, and it’s quite a bit heavier than the pink.

After they were done with that and cleaned it all up, they decided to do something else a bit more quiet that didn’t take up as much space.  They got out Mimi’s Lite Brite!  I didn’t get this with my Ebay bonus, I’ve actually had it for a while but I don’t think I ever wrote about it and it’s probably one of the nicest things they’ve done out of the World’s Smallest line that works for 18 inch dolls.

They made a pretty flower!

Here it is lit up!

I know the World’s Smallest line isn’t necessarily made for dolls, but I think they have come out with several really good replicas of actual items that are perfect scale.  Have you found any really cool ones?

I do have to say that playing with a miniature Kerplunk game or a mini Lite Brite when you’re tired and trying to be quiet while someone else sleeps isn’t always such a great idea.  At one point I bumped the Kerplunk game–balls and sticks everywhere!!!!  I did manage to find them all on the floor and such.  Then at one point while doing the Lite Brite pics, I bumped the box the pegs were stored in and that made a noisy mess.  Note to self:  No more late night shoots with small items!

9 thoughts on “More World’s Smallest Goodies!

    • I don’t think it’s been out that long, I saw it once before this and thought “hmmm…might have to have that.” I think the scale is perfect.

    • Sad part is it wasn’t all that late, hubby just went to bed early! And I’m a clutz, so… I think the Lite Brite is my favorite so far.

  1. Congratulations on winning a certificate from ebay! I love surprise gifts.

    The toys look like fun. I wonder if they will make a World’s Smallest Monopoly game (or maybe they have and I just don’t know). I would also like a View Master.

    • They do make a View Master! I haven’t seen a Monopoly game yet but I’ve seen other games, so maybe we’ll see it eventually.

      • Oh, I love the View Master. Somebody is getting that for Christmas! Probably one of my 10 inch dolls. Thanks for letting me know about it.

    • I know, right? I had never seen them until a friend (also a doll lover) gifted me a set. World’s Smallest has so many items that are just perfect for 18″ dolls.

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