Foosball or Billiards? Pick Your Poison!

I’ve been waiting since late January to write this post.  Why?  Well, because what I have to show you is something I got on clearance then and I didn’t want to show it to everyone and then have people not be able to find it.  Now you’re curious, right?

I stopped at Rite Aid for something and they still had a little bit of leftover Christmas stock.  It was all marked down 75%.  Of course I had to look, and I was super excited when I saw both of these still in the bin:


These are those little desktop pool and foosball sets that they sell every year around Christmas along with other little desk accessories that nobody really needs.  As you can see, the regular price on these sets was $14.99 and at 75% off, I got them each for $3.75!  I deliberately held off writing about them until now, I figure anyone who wants to pick these up might find them now, or if you are super patient, you might score a deal like I did!

We’ll look at the foosball table first.  It’s very well done and works pretty much just like a real foosball table.  The “field” is even a flocked material.

It comes with two metal balls for play.

I set it up on Melody’s table so you can get an idea of the size on it.

Mimi and Wendy are ready to play!

If you score a goal, it sits down in an open area in the base.  To retrieve the ball, you have to either fish around or lift the table up and it falls through the opening at either end.

Now for the pool/billiards table!

It is also flocked so it resembles a real table.  The hole openings are angled so that when a ball goes in, it automatically rolls down the chute and out a hole at the end of the table.

A full set of balls.  I wish they had been a bigger assortment of colors so they were much more like a real set.  They at least painted one black as the 8 ball and the silver ball I’m assuming is the cue ball.

With the rack and a pair of cue sticks, you’re ready to play!

The cue sticks are a little short, and trying to figure out how to make it look realistic with a doll was just about impossible!  I tried though.

I haven’t decided exactly where these are going to be used, the gang needs a game room now!  Definitely a fun bargain find though.

Have you found anything cool lately?  (I know it’s hard at the moment given the circumstances.  Ugh.)


4 thoughts on “Foosball or Billiards? Pick Your Poison!

  1. The games are so cute. I love how “non” doll things can become doll things.

    I found some storage containers at the Dollar Tree. They are for paper clips or pushpins but they are perfect for dolls to use to “transport” food during the upcoming holidays. They look like small Tupperware containers.

    • Yes, I love it too. I’m always on the lookout for stuff I can use for the dolls. Usually it’s much cheaper too!

      Dollar Tree is a great source for so many Doll Sized Finds for me. And you never know what you might find there. I have some like that too, I think they were in the craft section for sorting small items. They are perfect for dolly storage!

    • Cool, that’s the idea! Now I just need to decide if I’m going to build a family room set or a game room for the new bakery. Hmmm…

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