A Trip To Tanzania Anyone??

The hubby recently received an Amazon gift card as an award for a sales promotion for his job.  Let me just tell you, it is a lot of fun to have freebies come your way when you least expect them!  We used them for a variety of things, but of course, I had to buy SOMETHING doll related.  I ended up with a Queen’s Treasures cat (the one I used as Lionel in the “That Darn Cat” post) and this cute outfit.

Called the Gombe National Park Camp Outfit, the set is in honor of legendary researcher Jane Goodall.  They did a whole line of items that were part of this set.  I’m not sure what is going on with The Queen’s Treasures at the moment, but there are only limited parts of this set still available now.  😦

The set includes the sweater, shirt and shorts.   The sweater is very nicely done, cut so that it fits nicely over the shirt too.  It closes with Velcro in the back.

The shirt is cute too, I initially had it tucked in so it didn’t hang out from under the sweater (although that is fashionable).  It is nicely finished at the bottom too so it can be worn either way.

The shorts are probably the least well done, they are too big for AG dolls.

A lot of gaping, even when the shirt was tucked in.  And then I realized I had them on backwards, so thinking that might have been why, I reversed them.  Nope.  Still just as bad.  I tried.

Finish on these items isn’t bad.  The sweater is finished well on the inside.

The finish on the shirt isn’t bad either, but for the time it took to sew those pieces of Velcro on, they could have put button holes in! The buttons on this are way too big too, they are not to scale.

The price on this wasn’t bad though for what you got, $12.50.  I’ve seen it cheaper since, The Queen’s Treasures frequently runs sales on their website too.  I give it a B, the idea is good, the sweater is really nice, but the sizing and the excessively large buttons are the negatives for me.  This was my first QT clothing purchase, I had only purchased furniture and accessories before, so I don’t have any other products from their clothing line to compare it to as far as quality.

The boots Rebecca is wearing with this are also Queen’s Treasures, the socks are American Girl, they came with Julie’s roller skates.

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  1. I have gotten a few doll accessories from the Queen’s Treasures. I love having scale items for my 18 inch dolls. I like that there are themes.

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