I call this meeting to order…

To say that I’m frustrated by recent events on the internet is putting it mildly.  I am sick to death of people stealing images and thinking nothing of it, let alone finding out that they are being used for nefarious activities to dupe people.  Just last night on Twitter I came across a post with someone wanting help in stopping someone who was stealing this woman’s drawings and then posting them (and ones they’d stolen from other people) on Instagram, claiming they were hers!  Are people really this desperate for attention?  I just shake my head at some of the stuff I’m seeing at the moment.

After I posted my last blog entry, I sat and stewed.  It’s been a rough couple of months on social media, and I’m not even talking about all of the stuff going on with the pandemic and the election.  I ended up having my Twitter account suspended, the issues here at WordPress with how they are changing things, all the image theft issues and then last week, the absolute unthinkable happened.  One of my Twitter friends died unexpectedly.  She was only 30 years old.  We connected over a mutual love of American Girl 5 years ago when their website was having one of it’s usual freak outs.  She was a remarkably funny and sweet person, I read about her trials of planning a wedding, dealing with issues over stupidity with coworkers and such and their ignorance over image theft, and we shared an obsession with “Legally Blonde”.   When her husband shared that she had passed away, I was stunned.  It didn’t seem right or fair or any of that.  How someone so young and full of life could have their life suddenly cut short was just more than I felt like dealing with right now on top of everything else.  She frequently read (although didn’t comment) the blog and would text me with various AG related things.  Just days before she passed away I had tagged her in a post about the announcement regarding Legally Blonde 3 coming out in the spring.  I am just so saddened by this turn of events and to be honest, still kind of numb.

I decided I just needed an entire day away from the internet after I posted my anger about image theft.  I spent my day in my doll room which was in dire need of straightening up and dusting.  Even Mimi’s bedroom needed a thorough dusting.  It was good therapy and it looks a whole lot better now.  While I was doing that, I texted my good friend Xyra about my frustration.  She’s always a good person to vent to and bounce ideas off of.  I did have an idea I wanted to run past her and in the process of the conversation, something she said along with my reply to her gave me several ideas of ways to maybe combat this image theft issue.  And as I cleaned, I came across an entire stack (literally!) of stuff I wanted to do reviews on.  I got mad.  Then I was sad.  And then I thought “dammit, I enjoy blogging, I enjoy interacting with my regular readers and there has to be a way to do this.”  I thought some more and came up with several ideas of how things might be able to continue here.  We’re going to give it a shot.

So…first things first.  There will be no more American Girl product “reviews” as such.  After thinking about some of the issues I had come across with image theft on the internet, I realized that the one thing they had in common was popularity.  American Girl products tend to sell well on the secondary market, making them a target for unscrupulous sellers.  I remember incidents several years ago where Ebay “sellers” weren’t actually in possession of the items they were selling, they were using stolen credit card numbers to have items drop shipped to buyers and pocketing the profits.  I think products from other companies are less likely to be targeted, so those reviews may not need to change.  It’s going to be an experimental process.  Fingers crossed.  I will still use my AG stuff in posts and may disguise them as reviews, but the images will be so busy, it’s highly doubtful anyone would want to steal them.  Plus if they have one or more of my custom dolls in them, it would make them easily identifiable.

Second–blog move.  At the moment I have a domain name reserved at another site.  Current plan is to remain here at this site, BUT should WordPress decide to abandon their “Classic” style for writing blog posts, I’m outta here.  Their new “Block” format is poorly thought out and incredibly difficult to use.  It appears to be designed more for businesses than for casual “fun” bloggers like myself.  Back when I started this blog, my goal was initially 5 years or until I ran out of storage space, and then decide from there.  I’m using that same sort of thinking now, only it’s until I run out of storage space or they decide to change to that horrible format.  At which point I will just move operations over to the other site and share the new address here.  I’m going to work on it over the next few weeks in hopes that if that happens, it will be an easy transition.

Third–I decided to start something else to go in conjunction with the blog.  At this point it’s truly experimental, but I think it could be kind of fun.  What is it you ask?  I’ve started a Facebook group for Say Hello To My Little Friends!  I have decided to keep it private though so I can have complete control over membership, etc.  If you are on Facebook and you would like to be a member of that group, please send me an e-mail at   ROSIESFLO@      YAHOO.COM.   (There are no spaces after the @, I deliberately put that there to keep bots from grabbing it and spamming me relentlessly.)  When you e-mail me, put “Facebook group” in the subject line and in the message, tell me you’d like to be a member of the group along with what your Facebook name is.  If you don’t follow the instructions, you will not get a reply from me.  If you do follow the instructions, you will get an e-mail back with a link to the Facebook group.

After being angry this week, I went in and looked at my stats here.  I have a bunch of followers who have absolutely NOTHING to do with dolls, and I suspect they are probably either dishonest people or just some of those people who follow just for the numbers.  I’m going to go through my entire followers list here and delete those people.  If by chance you are genuinely a regular reader and you accidentally get deleted, just follow again.  I don’t want to get rid of actual readers, but this is the only way to possibly weed out some of these “trouble makers”.  I also looked at my stats for hits on various days.  While I like to think that my blog is interesting, let’s be honest–it has a very limited group of people it appeals to and the majority of those are in the US.  I can see one or two hits from assorted foreign countries–but when you get 8 hits in one day from Ghana, you start to question just how many of these hits on the blog are from legitimate accounts and how many of them are from bots, either looking for pages to spam or ones to steal data from.  UGH!  I have changed some of the settings here so that you can no longer comment on any posts after they are 30 days old.  I did this to put an end to a lot of the spam comments I was getting and so far it has worked.  I noticed that almost all of the ones I was receiving were on old posts, and this seems to have put an end to that.  Nobody, I mean NOBODY needs to see spam from porn bots.  Gross, disgusting and I really don’t want that on here in any way, shape or form!!!!

So, that’s where we are at.  Moving forward with some changes that I hope work to combat the issues that I’ve been having but with enough flexibility that we can easily adapt to anything that might come along.

Also–I have a couple of photos to share on here that are related to prior posts.  I had a couple of questions in regards to some product reviews I had done and I just hadn’t had a chance to get to those.

Back in June I wrote a review of the Wellie Wishers Merry Stocking Set.  “LeoLion” asked for a photo of Joss (aka Wendy here on the blog) holding these items.  Here you go!  I hope this gives you a better idea of the size on these items.

When I did the post about Joss’s surf van, Heather asked to see photos of the back of the van with more than just one passenger.  Finally I got around to doing these as well!

Side by side with two dolls on the bench seat isn’t crowded at all.  I wish you could have seen me trying to take this pic, I opened the doors on each side of the front and had an arm going in both sides with the camera in my left hand, operating the shutter with my right, hugging the van windshield.  Thank heavens for long arms!!!!

And a shot of their feet so you can see it really isn’t bad at all.

I then added a third doll to the passenger seat with it spun around:

This does take a bit of manipulation and turns into a bit of a game of footsie.  I hope this answers your questions Heather!

If by chance anyone does run across any of my photos anywhere else on the internet, please contact me immediately.  I WILL take legal action against anyone who steals my photographs.  I do not take image theft lightly.  And if I see photos from any of the blogs I follow, I will do the same.  We all have to look out for each other.

I think we are all caught up now on business.  I look forward to seeing some of you over on the Facebook group, I know not everyone has Facebook and like I said, it’s a bit of an experiment at this point.  Otherwise, hoping to getting back to posting here, I have a bunch of photos I did last night and another set I want to do in the next day or so.  Fingers crossed we won’t have any issues, but if there are, I will keep everyone informed.

Meeting adjourned!

11 thoughts on “I call this meeting to order…

  1. I am glad that you have worked this out and that you will still be around. I don’t have Facebook so I will keep watching this space for new postings.

    I always learn something new from your postings. Thank you for being a bright spot for doll collectors.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Dorothy! It’s because of comments like this that I really do want to keep trying to post. Just have to figure out the best way to do it and minimize the risk. I may have to make some other changes and I’m hoping those don’t end up with people leaving. It’s so hard to figure out what people find interesting, things I think will be hugely popular don’t always hit the mark and the posts that I think no one will pay attention to frequently surprise me!

      • I kind of know what you mean. I am active on a doll fan site. We post questions that we hope will generate responses from our readers.

        Some of the questions that I think are really interesting get very little response and other questions that I think are just “average” have folks commenting for days.

        I have been trying to figure out why this happens and I still don’t have a clue. For now, I think, we just want to “be there” for our readers so the questions don’t matter to me as much as they first did. Whether or not they make comments, our readers know that we are there and that’s enough for me at the moment. I feel that we have a strong sense of community. (I think I am rambling now. I hope this helps.)

  2. So glad you’re sticking around! I won’t be leaving you, and I’ll sign up for your facebook group. Thanks for the pics! Love them!

  3. YAAAAY!! SO relieved you figured out a solution with which you are comfortable and will continue the blog!!!!

    Like Dorothy in PA, I am not on Facebook, so that will not work for me. Please be assured that although I rarely comment and am uncomfortable with the social media scene (one of the reasons is that I’m not a troublemaker and don’t wish to be exposed to such), I am a longtime loyal reader!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Things may look a little different in some ways on here over the next few months, but I’m going to try my best! I hear you on Facebook, I really only signed up for it when a group I was part of lost their bulletin board site and decided to move there. Not a big fan personally.

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