Taking a break.

This morning I fully intended on taking some pics for some new posts.  I just can’t do it.  And here’s why.

Image theft.  It’s out of control on the internet.  I’ve had it.  And until things improve, I no longer feel comfortable posting any images on the internet for public viewing.

Last night I found out about someone I know who had calendars that they did for a charity stolen.  Yep, you read that right.  This person worked hard all year to do a calendar to raise money for a charity she supports, only to have the calendars stolen.  This isn’t the first incident she’s had either.  Earlier this year, someone stole her images off her social media accounts and tried to sell merchandise on Amazon using them.  Pretty damned gutsy.  She had a horrible time getting Amazon to remove them and the only reason it happened is because she happened to have an attorney friend who threatened them, as well as a bunch of friends from her fandom who threatened to quit doing business with them as well.  But it took WEEKS to get them to pull and I suspect under normal circumstances, it could takes months or longer.

Hot on the heels of reading about her problem with the calendars, what pops up into my Facebook feed but yet another fake ad from a company trying to sell sweaters, using stolen photos.  Same company I reported before too.  Same stolen images from a reputable company that I have purchased stuff from.  This is ridiculous.

I just can’t do this anymore.  Right about now I feel like throwing all of my photography equipment into the trash. I feel like all of us in this business/field are fighting a losing battle.  And companies like Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and the rest are all just sitting back, raking in the cash on this dishonest behavior.  It’s not right, it’s not fair, and I’ve had enough.

So this blog is on a break.  Maybe temporary, maybe permanent.  I’m hoping I can figure out a way to continue without putting myself and my brand at risk, but at this point, I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with it anymore.  Thank you all for your support through all of this.


7 thoughts on “Taking a break.

  1. Wow, the reports you cite are troubling for sure.

    I hope you find a way to post that works for you but I completely understand if don’t because it all sounds so overwhelming.

    I have enjoyed your blog. I will keep watching to see if you make future postings.

    Best wishes in whatever you ultimately decide.

    • I have some ideas that I’m still playing with, I’m hoping to still be able to do something. I’m so frustrated though and just about the time I think I’ve got something figured out, something else happens. Grrr…

  2. Well, that’s so sad that negativity and evil are winning out on the Internet. There’s little enough wholesome and helpful things worth reading, and this was one of the few in existence to which I looked forward. So many doll blogs have gone defunct and left many of us collectors bereft of a connection, one of the positive aspects of the hobby. This one has been very informative and aided in many of my purchasing decisions. You will be sorely and despondently missed…….

    • Stay tuned. I have some ideas I’m tossing around that might make it possible for me to continue to blog. I know there is a shortage of doll blogs now and I still enjoy the whole aspect of it. I just hate that there are so many evil people out there who think it’s okay to steal period. Karma…

      • P.S.
        As a strongly creative person myself, I also intensely loathe intellectual property theft and have gone round for round with younger relatives who see nothing wrong with it. No matter how I remonstrate or reason, the the prevailing modern notion seems to be becoming that everything belongs to everyone and is in the public domain, with no one having exclusive rights even to things they solely created.

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