Review of Our Generation “Choco-tastic Stand”

Alright, before I get started, let me just say thank you to everyone for their patience while I tried to figure out a way to keep going.  This is the first post with the new watermarks.  I’m still working on the best way to do these and they may evolve over the next several posts.  And let me just point out to anyone who might think about stealing these images–they are copyrighted.  I will be regularly checking via reverse search engines to make sure my images are not stolen.  And if they are, let me just say that I WILL pursue legal action.  I have the means to do so and will not hesitate.  I do not take image theft lightly, particularly if my images are used to con others.  If anyone ever comes across any of my images on Ebay or anywhere else, please let me know.  You will be rewarded.  Theft of images needs to stop and we have to be proactive as a group in order to get that to happen.  I’m rather stunned that I’ve heard from several people about their images and/or content being stolen.

Okay…let me straighten my apron a second…because I will need one for this set!  (I’m a slob.  I’m always spilling food on my clothes.)  RARELY am I one of those people who is the first to get anything.  I don’t live in the right area it seems for new releases from Our Generation.  However, this pandemic thing does have it’s advantages.  I’m regularly checking websites for new stuff.  And when I came across this set, it took me no time at all to order it!!  Interestingly enough, just in the time between when I ordered it and it arrived, it completely disappeared from the Target website, so I must have been one of the few people lucky enough to get it

This is how it arrived with just a plastic bag over it.  No usual OG box.  Fortunately no damage either, it did have some stuff in the large Target box to protect it.  I was excited because getting things out of OG boxes can be a hassle.  My excitement was short lived though as I looked closer…

Tape.  Lots and lots of tape…ugh.

It was a wrestling match of epic proportions.  I miss the days when you’d order an OG item and it would come in a box with the accessories loose.  I get why they do it in stores, but this was overkill.  And I had a nice pile of plastic leftover when I was done.

Okay, on to the rest!  The stand itself is really cute and well made.  I love some of the little details.

I love the dishwasher.  You can push the buttons but they don’t do anything.

A decent sized refrigerator and a storage space above the dishwasher.


The side has me a little perplexed though.  The menu idea is nice but there are no prices.  And no stickers or chalk included to add prices.  I haven’t tried writing on it with my own chalk, I have to find it first!  Odd.

I like the built in shelf.  And did you notice the “drip” across the front?

On to the accessories!  This set does not disappoint in that area at all and the more I messed around with it, the more excited I was.

The “hot chocolate machine” is really cute and well done.  They even made it so the dispensing valve moves and the on/off switch rocks back and forth.  The lid comes off as well.  The lid is the only part of this I was disappointed in as it does not fit or stay on as well as it should.

I love the toppings tray!  Everything is glued in place though so you have to pretend.  The little scoop is really well done though.

And of course, cookies to go with the hot chocolate!  I really like the little tray for the cookies, this is probably one of the prettiest I’ve seen in any set so far.

The set comes with some signs.  I wasn’t wild about these at all, but I get what they were trying to do.  The signs have parts that stick out from the back and hook into the sign.  I might make some overlays for them and use them to say something else.

The hot chocolate mugs and cups are my favorite part of this.  I like that they made the chocolate removable!

The mugs are especially well done and you can switch around which mug the different drinks fit in.  (and now I want a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a peanut butter cup on top…)

You have to have milk and a bottle of chocolate sauce too!

Here are front and back views of it set up.  I love this set and think it has all sorts of potential.  Now I need to get the bakery back in business, this will be a perfect addition!

I give this set an A+++++ as it has so many nice accessories and I think it is an excellent set for play as well as display.  Seriously thinking of leaving it out in my living room over the winter months, decorated for the holidays.

Hopefully it will turn up again at Target, I know that supplies on new items are always a bit hit and miss when they first come out and now throw in the issues we are encountering with the pandemic in regards to items coming from overseas.  I will say it will be worth the wait though.  Now, it’s time to go make some hot chocolate!


4 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation “Choco-tastic Stand”

    • Hopefully it will turn up again soon. It is so weird though, there aren’t even any showing up on Ebay for sale, so quantities must be super limited right now. For once I’m first to get something!!!!!! LOL

  1. What a cute set. Yes, I think you should leave it up. You can take all kinds of photos with your dolls and their celebrations for the rest of the year.

    • I think I’ll save it for Christmas/winter, going to use the Market stand for my fall decor. I’ve definitely enjoyed having another use for my doll items though!

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