A visit from Trudy…and that darned cat!

Just before Labor Day Wendy had a visitor–her cousin Trudy!  They hadn’t seen each other in ages, but since her family and Trudy’s family are both being extra careful during quarantine, they decided a small get together would be pretty safe.  Just Trudy and her mom came and while their mom’s visited, Wendy was excited to show Trudy her brother Alex’s van.

“This is really cool Wendy, I love it!”
“Thanks.  Alex put a lot of work into restoring it and I was so excited when he said I could use it as a hang out when he’s not using it.  We’re hoping to go camping soon over a weekend.”

“That sounds like it would be a lot of fun!”

The girls brought out some snacks to eat.  They sure look yummy.  Although Mountain Dew with a cup cake is going to give Wendy a full on sugar buzz.  At least Trudy opted for the more healthy option of kiwi juice!

Just as they were getting ready to start eating, Trudy heard a noise.  She looked down, and there was a cat.  “Well aren’t you a cutie!”

“Oh, that’s the neighbor’s cat, Lionel” replied Wendy.  “He can be a bit of a pain in the neck.”

As Wendy said that, Lionel jumped up onto Trudy’s lap.

“Awwwww…he looks so swee…”

Trudy hadn’t finished the sentence when Lionel jumped onto the table.

“Lionel, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”  And he promptly knocked the cupcakes to the floor.

Wendy then put Lionel on the floor of the van and said “scoot!  Go home!”

And Lionel stomped off in catlike fashion.

“At least he didn’t knock our drinks and the box of macaroons to the floor!  Would you like a macaroon Trudy?”  “I’d love one!”


After they were done, the girls decided to mess around with Wendy’s skateboard so she could show Trudy some of the tricks she knew how to do.

“I’m really glad you were able to come for a visit Trudy.  I really miss seeing my friends right now and getting to hang out.  Hopefully we can do this again soon.”

“I know exactly what you mean Wendy, I miss my friends too.  Stupid virus!  Ruins everything.  We didn’t even get to go to a fair this year, not the renaissance fair, the county fair, the 4H fair, none of it.  And I’m sure all of the stuff for the ballet and theater is cancelled now through the fall and into the winter.  I’ve been practicing at home though.  But it’s not the same.”

“Yeah, this is really upsetting.  Let’s just hope everyone is following the advice given and being careful like us.  The sooner everyone starts paying attention and doing what is needed, the sooner we’ll be able to get back to normal.  Whatever normal is!”  “AGREED!”