So…some ideas and thoughts

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to solve this problem with the blog and image theft.  I can’t continue to post photos I’ve taken and have to worry about someone stealing the images to try and swindle innocent people out of money.  I have to protect my interests as well as the interests of others.  It makes me so sad to think that anyone thinks this is okay.

There are photos on this blog however that I know are of no interest to anyone but fellow doll lovers.  I guess the fact that my sets are busy is a huge help in deterring someone from stealing a photo to try and sell something.  And no one really would want or have use for a photo of a bunch of dolls with underwear on their heads, right?  (at least I would hope they wouldn’t!)

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the pictures that would be at the highest risk of being stolen here would be the ones I do for reviews.  And particularly, reviews of American Girl items.  Moving forward, I’m going to try and do the following things to hopefully prevent that from happening:

All reviews of American Girl items will in the future, have photos from the American Girl website instead of my own, with a clear credit to American Girl for their photo use.  Worst case scenario is they get on my case (which I highly doubt because so many people do it and it’s free advertising for them) and I have to take the photos down.

Any reviews done for non-American Girl items (ie. My Life As, Our Generation) will still have my photos with a very LARGE and hopefully hard to remove watermark on them.  If someone really wants to see the original photo after reading the post, they can request it, but I don’t think this will be a big issue.

Reviews done for doll sized finds more than likely won’t be done with a watermark unless it’s an item that I think may be of interest to an Ebay or other selling site scammer.  I’m still up in the air on what to do with other things like stories, etc.

My concern over the AG reviews is that as a rule, AG items tend to command higher prices than other companies, plus my photos would be a great way for someone to make it look as though they actually had the item (as opposed to them just using a catalog pic).  Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be removing some of the reviews I have for AG products, particularly those that are no longer available and in high demand.  You’ve been warned!  If there is a review you remember and liked, you may want to go back and check it out one last time!  The upside to this though is it frees up occupied space here, so that keeps the blog going longer–silver linings I guess?

The good news is I have quite a few items to review/post that aren’t AG items.  I have a few items that I bought on sale last year before Christmas that are items that AG no longer sells, and I may just not bother with those at all.  I might actually get caught up!!!  I also have some doll stories yet to tell and some other ideas, so hopefully it will keep things moving along for a little while.  And a few craft things that have been in the works that I haven’t finished and/or haven’t shared.  In the meantime, my brain will still be working overtime to try and think of some new ideas as well.  I’m also hoping that maybe my readers will make some suggestions as well as we go along.

One last thing–I’m going to share a link to an article about these dog selling scams so everyone can be aware of what the heck is going on and please share with anyone else you know.  It is sickening to think of the lengths people will go to in order to rip someone off and this scam hits a little too close to home on multiple levels.



4 thoughts on “So…some ideas and thoughts

  1. Yea! Yea! and Double Yea! I am so glad that you are still going to be around. It sounds like you have worked through all of the details.

    I look forward to reading whatever you post. I enjoy reading your blog and doll blogs in general. The doll world is a happy place for me.

    • Thanks Dorothy! I’m hoping this is a solution to something that shouldn’t be an issue but unfortunately is. I’m so sick of dishonesty in our world. But I totally hear you, the doll world SHOULD be a happy place for all of us! It’s a nice way to escape some of the horrible things going on now.

    • I’m trying! It shouldn’t have to be this way, but I’m trying to do my best. We will see how this goes. Worst case scenario is I might not be posting as much, but at least I’ll still be posting. Fingers crossed.

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