Everyone’s Head Over Heels For The New Girl! Are You?

So, last week American Girl finally revealed their new addition to the historical line (so glad they quit calling it Be Forever) and all of the speculation was over.  Courtney Moore has arrived!!!

Yes, we finally have the 80’s doll that we’ve been talking about for what seems like ages.  And I have to say, they’ve actually done a pretty good job on her and her accessories.  There are a few things that aren’t accurate, but not as many as I’ve seen on some other historical dolls.  And while I think she is cute, I really doubt I’ll be getting her.  Why couldn’t they have used a different face mold???  They haven’t done a historical since Julie’s friend Ivy with the Jess mold and Marie Grace’s face mold seems to be lost in some dark hole.  Come on AG!!  You hit a homerun with the Joss face mold, you’ve got all of these other ones now too with the boy dolls, etc.  But no, you had to take the safe way out.  YAWN.  Her hairstyle is cute, but all I can see when they come out with a doll with any sort of curls is a tangled up mess after it’s been in the hands of most little girls.  Plus crimped hair would have been better yet!

However, Courtney’s collection–TOTALLY AWESOME!!!  I’m not even sure where to start, there are so many cool things.  So…I’ll start with the two sets that are cool, but do have flaws in them.

Courtney’s Accessories are super cute, right down to her Bonne Bell lip smacker!  The bracelets are pretty, but I do worry about them scratching the dolls when you go to take them on and off.  The little cassette is too cute and I guess it will actually play in the boom box (which we’ll talk about shortly).  HOWEVER–the pink cassette player is not accurate.  Walkman type cassette players did not come in a variety of colors until the 90’s.  As a general rule, they came in black or silver and if you bought a waterproof version of Sony’s model, it was yellow.  I had a white one with wild colors in the early 90’s, up until that point, they were really pretty dull…but I still think this set is cool and I definitely want it for my collection.

Courtney’s Sleepover Set is also incredibly cute–and already on backorder!  I like everything in this set and I can’t wait to see this in person to see how the itty bitty cassettes actually work.  But again…the color thing.  Much like the cassette players of the 80’s, “boom boxes” were also pretty dull in the color selection.  I actually bought one almost exactly like this for my husband when we were dating…and they too only came in black or silver except for Sony who made one that was available in a pale pink and a pale blue.  I think they might have done a waterproof-ish one in the yellow too.  Other than the color issue though, this is actually a pretty good replica.  If they were shooting to duplicate the Sony version it’s a bit too boxy, theirs were more rounded, an almost “retro” style.  (I think the one I bought my husband was a Magnavox and this is very much like it was, just all black.)

The other things that were standouts for me were the Pacman video game (which is only available as a preorder at the moment), the Caboodles makeup case set (COMPLETE WITH CAN OF HAIRSPRAY!!) and the Pacman lunch box.  These are all on my want list–they even did a can of cheese balls!  A shame they couldn’t have made them Planters brand, but the can is close.  I suspect they blew all their licensing money on the Lip Smacker, Care Bears and Pacman stuff.


The clothes are cute and I think overall they did a really good job of trying to duplicate the feel of the era.  The only thing I wasn’t wild about was the shirt and tie, I don’t ever remember seeing anything like this on anyone I knew.  If a girl was going to wear a tie, it was generally a long narrow one with a white shirt.  This looks more like something Zack Morris would have been sporting on “Saved By The Bell”.

Pieces that I will definitely be adding to my collection from the clothes–the high tops (I had a pair very similar to these, Reeboks to be exact), the cardigan (which rocks a Benetton feel/look) and the jeans with the foldover top.  And they even made the jeans acid washed!!


One thing that I will point out in the clothing department is that the “leggings” aren’t 100% accurate either.  If you really want to catch the era (which from what I understand is supposed to be 1986), they should be stirrup pants.  Just sayin…

I really think they did a fantastic job overall with Courtney’s initial collection and apparently a lot of other people think so too as there are multiple items that are already backordered a week after she was introduced!  I love the fact that all of her clothing is sold as separates too, you can mix and match to your heart’s content and not have to buy a set to get a specific clothing item.  If I remember correctly, this is the first time they’ve ever done this with any doll’s collection, up to this point I only recall seeing it in the Truly Me line.

Since they did such a great job with her introductory line, I’ll be anxiously awaiting new items that will be added to her collection.  What would you like to see them add to it?  Her bunkbed set is very cute and I’m thinking about trying to come up with my own version of it as I already have a set of pink bunkbeds I picked up several years ago off Craigslist.  Hmmm…  I would love to see them come up with a doll sized Commodore 64, especially since she seems to be interested in video games and creating her own.

Do you like Courtney?  What is your favorite item from her collection?  And is there anything you don’t like or something else you see wrong that I may have missed?  I was very excited when I saw this entire collection, and this along with some other recent additions to the whole American Girl line are starting to restore my confidence in their products.  I hope this new commitment to quality continues.  Courtney’s collection is TOTALLY RAD!  Thank heavens I still have $100 in rewards certificates coming thanks to my purchase of Joss’s Surf Van…

10 thoughts on “Everyone’s Head Over Heels For The New Girl! Are You?

  1. I think the doll is blah. I’m really insulted that this doll is in the historical line! 1986, really? I was five in 1986. I’m only 39 now. Ay yi yi.

    They should do a boy doll or an androgynous-style girl for doll of the year. Go outside the box a little bit.

    • I know, right?? LOL And I’m wondering if the 90’s doll is next, sporting a flannel shirt, Doc Martins and a “meh” attitude. (Thinking Daria) And a Winona Ryder type haircut!

      Funny you should say that about the doll of the year, I was thinking the same thing. However, I can picture the outrage from some people. “It’s supposed to be a GIRL of the year” or “It’s American Girl, not American Boy!” I personally think it would be awesome though, I’ve seen a few posts on AG’s FB page of boys who are thrilled to have a doll like them after seeing their sister’s dolls. I’d buy it if I liked the doll! My Mimi sort of has an androgynous look to her, I’ve had quite a few people say “oh, look at the cute boy doll” since she has a short haircut. Everyone isn’t a long haired blonde with blue eyes. I liked that Joss had skateboarding and surfing as her interests…and then they had to throw cheerleading in. Can we have dolls that aren’t dancers, gymnasts or cheerleaders? How about a band nerd?!?! With an adorable band uniform.

      • Now I want the 90’s doll! I have a CYO doll just so I could have a doll with a pixie haircut. I was going to get another one, but I bought a Kanani doll instead. That will have to hold me for now. I want Joss’ van too. I need to get a job again…

    • Yes, Maggie! I see more wrong than correct as well as questioning their 80s historical notion. Frustrating.

      • Actually, the historical idea isn’t all that far off. When they released Molly in 1986, it was only a 40 year time frame between. Julie Albright was introduced in 2007 and represented the early to mid 70s, so just over 30 years.

  2. I was born in 1980 and I LOVE this collection. PAC man is awesome. Adore the Care Bears. I also truly love the Lisa frank style school supplies. I agree with you that the shirt with tie is more like something found on saved by the bell in the 90s. It is my least favorite clothing item in her collection. I believe AG sacrificed a little bit of historical realism with the cassette player and boom box in order to capture the young customer base with bright colors. The neon colors at least fit with the era so I actually don’t mind it that much. While the collection is stellar, I do wish another face mold would have been used on the doll itself and that the bangs were a different style. These issues don’t bother me too much because she is still a cute doll with a great meet outfit.

  3. Also, just a walk down memory lane. When I think back on the 80s I remember listening to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and Cyndi Lauper. Plus, all of the hair bands my older sisters listened to. MTV actually played music videos. Ha!
    I remember movies like Top Gun, Back to the Future, Goonies and Cant Buy Me Love (movies I watched on vhs in secret with my much older siblings or at a friend’s house since I was still of the age where I was only allowed to see animated films in the theater). I loved playing video games with my younger brother on our Atari: centipede, asteroids, breakout, pitfall, pole position and of course the best – Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man. Love this decade and am excited to see what is produced in future releases for this doll.

    • I think a mini Atari game would be a great addition to her line! And yeah, back to the days when MTV really was MUSIC Television and not another channel with stupid reality shows. I personally think it would be awesome to have Courtney be obsessed with Duran Duran…

  4. I was a teen and young adult in the 80s. I take issue with some of the clothes, the style of them is actually early 90s, when neon became a thing. Someone remarked that Courtney’s cardigan sweater was like one from Saved by the Bell. Well, it is, but SBTB is from the early 90s! Colors are definitely wrong on the electronics too. In my school, it was all about pastels, Levi’s shrink to fit 501s (NOT acid-washed), ballet flats, stirrup pants, long sweaters that could double as dresses, ballet flats and pumps, colorful chunky plastic jewelry, reebok high tops and white kids. Shirts had ruffles and often a ribbon tied in a bow around the collar, they were pastel plaids bright prints. The ONLY way I ever saw a girl wear a tie was a skinny black or white tie with bright print shirt and the tie was tied very loosely. Skirts in all lengths were in but tended to be straight in style. I never saw anyone wear the style of Courtney’s jeans.

    • Yes, Saved By The Bell is a reach, it started in 1989 and ran until 1993. I think they really attached themselves to a Colours of Benetton vibe with these clothes, and neon/bright colors was a huge thing in their line in the 80’s and there were a few companies that tried to duplicate it. (I worked in retail from 1982-1986) A friend of mine did have a pair of jeans like those too, again though, I don’t think they were as popular as they are trying to make out they were because they were expensive (think Limited and Lerner Shops). Neon also really took hold for a year or so when Madonna hit the scene (1984) I remember us getting these horrid socks, jellies, hairbows in colors which don’t exist in nature (LOL) that I thought no one in their right mind would ever want to wear. I was wrong. Thank heavens it was a short lived thing.

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