Doll sized find–Tsum Tsums!

I saw these at Target a while ago and thought they would be cute for a doll item, but the price was a bit more than I wanted to spend.  Recently a new store called Gabes opened near us and it was one of the few places I felt like venturing out (large store, easy to social distance in) so I went to check it out.  I was happy to find a package of these for only $1.99!  I had to root around a little bit to find a package that had three characters I liked, but for this price, I probably would have taken a chance even if I hadn’t.

This set included Minnie Mouse, Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh) and Thumper (from Bambi).  Aren’t they cute???

Back and front shots:

I asked Christine if she would help me out so you could see how these are in proportion.  I think Piglet and Minnie would work okay for AG/18 inch doll scale, but Thumper might be a little big.  What do you think?

Regardless, still super cute, I think they will be a nice addition to one of the doll room setups.  And at $1.99, I sure couldn’t go wrong with the price.  Definitely more interesting than the socks I bought for my husband.

6 thoughts on “Doll sized find–Tsum Tsums!

  1. What cute toys. I think that Thumper and Piglet work best for the 18 inch doll. I would probably use Minnie with a Wellie Wisher sized doll or a Little Darling.

    How wonderful that you got the toys for such a good price. I love when that happens!

    • They are all so darned cute! I looked for more at this same store this past week and they were totally gone, so apparently everyone thought they were too.

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