Why Wendy? (and a review of the Explore the Parks outfit! Plus some other changes)

Back when I bought my Joss doll, I was sure I was going to rename her.  I just wasn’t a fan of the name at all.  When she arrived, she looked a bit like a friend of mine from grade school, and I thought about naming her Bobbie, but it just wasn’t feeling right.  I also thought it would be cute if I used a name that started with W because I’d also picked up that Wellie Wishers Christmas set with the stocking that had the big “W” embroidered on it.  Then it dawned on me…Wendy!!!  I have a friend named Wendy who has not one, but two cochlear implants, she had a disease that resulted in gradual hearing loss.  She jokingly refers to herself as a “real life bionic woman”.  I decided it was the perfect name for my doll and she thought it was pretty cool that I named one of the gang after her!

I still think that the Joss face mold is one of the prettiest that they’ve ever done.  I’m hoping maybe we’ll see it used again in the not so distant future, or at least be available as part of the Create Your Own line.  I still wish they’d bring back Marie-Grace to the line as well, but that still hasn’t happened and it’s now 6 years.  Nothing wrong with some wishful thinking though.  I just love this doll, I haven’t been this enthralled with a face mold since I picked up Cassandra (Jess mold) back in 2014!

A few weeks ago I got my first rewards certificate from my points earned from buying the surf van.  I knew exactly what I wanted to get with it too–one of the first things on my list was the “Explore The Parks” outfit.  So glad I did too, I love it!!  The colors are some of my favorites, this is definitely an outfit I would wear myself.

When I showed one of my non-doll friends pics of her in the new outfit, the first thing she noticed were the shoes.  They are SUPER CUTE!!  And lots of detail, they look pretty much like your typical popular cork bed sandal.


The scarf is really clever because it’s also meant to be a head scarf!

I asked Rebecca if she would be able to help us out with modeling this since I’d just done Wendy’s hair and knew it would end up a mess.  She was more than happy to oblige!

It closes with Velcro.  I really like this accessory and may look at it closer to see if I can duplicate it!

The t-shirt is like any other t-shirt, but with a cute park type logo design.

The pants have an elastic waist.  The pockets are fake.  These look super comfy though for a long hike or a day of sightseeing!

I love this outfit and the fact that it’s not all teal and purple!  This color scheme is so something I would wear for sure, in fact, I was wearing a peach colored t-shirt while I was working on this post!  I give this set an A++, so glad I decided to get it.  Now I have to decide if I want the other set that goes with it…hmmm…

These two look like they are plotting something…stay tuned.  I’ve also decided that Wendy and Jamie are going to be siblings, but I’m not sure that Jamie is still going to be Jamie.  He may be renamed the whole way around.  Still thinking on it.


4 thoughts on “Why Wendy? (and a review of the Explore the Parks outfit! Plus some other changes)

    • Cool! I wasn’t wild about Nanea because she looked too much like a Wellie Wisher, I was really pleased to see a design that looked more realistic.

  1. I LOVE it! Looks fabulous on and I can totally seeing you wearing this outfit if they made it to fit us. 🙂 Thank you for showing the detail on the sandals. This one is on my wish list. Boo on the fake pockets though.

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