Review of American Girl City Market

When this set was released, I thought it was really cute, but it wasn’t high on my priority list.  In July, it was included as part of the monthly specials, reduced from $100 to $80.  Then American Girl ran a tiered sale, if you spent $75, you got 10% off…and that is when I started thinking because I also had a $10 rewards certificate to use up.  At $62, I definitely didn’t want to pass it up!

I was very impressed once I opened the box.  The piece is very high quality, made from wood and metal.

The back even has a shelf to store boxes and other extras.

It comes with a lot of accessories–three tiered risers to display different items on.

Jars of jam in three different flavors.

Scones–and even samples to try!

Boxes to take the scones home in too.

Two varieties of soap.  These are supposed to smell, but they aren’t very strong.

Two different types of berries, yummy!  I love the little containers they are in.

This is a pretty runner to put on one of the shelves.

A square display plate to put the scones on.

A bowlful of jam along with a knife so you can try it on the scones.  Yummy!

A nice little sign for display, some money and some business cards.

A bouquet of flowers and a jar to put them in.  I LOVE this little blue mason jar!

An assortment of stickers with prices and descriptions.

A cloth to use under the scones when they are displayed.

Plus of course an apron!

And a sign to show everyone you’re open for business and what you are selling!

Here it is all set up!  Christine is ready to go, now she just needs some customers!

“You really need to try a one of these scones!”

This is a really cute set and the stand itself is extremely high quality.  I like that the stand is made from wood and metal, I think it would stand up to a lot of play.  The accessories are so well thought out.  The only thing that I think this set needs is a little cash box!  I also think it would look cute to add the items in the City Market Goodies set to this so there were more products for sale, I bet the pies from that set would fit in the included boxes.  I’m very glad I decided to add this set to my collection, a lot of different pieces that could be used for a number of different things.  I’m tempted to leave this set out in my living room as a display piece and give the bakery cart a break!



6 thoughts on “Review of American Girl City Market

  1. Ooooo! I like the idea of rotating your living room displays. 🙂

    This is a great looking set! Very tempting!

    • The extra discounts made it way too tempting for me LOL. I figure the doll stuff might as well be out on display in some form, I’ve spent enough on it and it’s definitely a part of my life!

  2. This set does look like it was created well. I like when doll accessories are realistic looking and not “cutesy.”

    I think the apron is pretty. You could rotate the display items by season.

    • I LOVE that idea of rotating the display with the seasons!! I have all sorts of pumpkins and such, that’s definitely something to think about!

    • I’m really glad I decided to pick it up. I think I’m going to decorate it all up for fall and use it as my Halloween/Thanksgiving display!

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