Review of My Life As School Set

It’s that time of year again–back to school.  Depending on where you live, that could mean any number of things!  BUT, no matter what, if you are actually physically going to school or doing it virtually, you still need school supplies!!

This set really caught my attention because it had some really cool pieces in it.  And at just under $8, I definitely had to have it.

On the back of the package is a picture of the more recent My Life As desk too.

The set has a nice little storage box in it.

You also get a very nice assortment of writing utensils! I like that two of the items have loops on them so you can make it look like your doll is holding them.

A ruler and a good pair of scissors are essential for any school supply assortment.  The scissors are hinged as well.

Nourishment is necessary for good concentration!  A banana and a water bottle that will easily fit in any doll sized backpack.

A notebook, some stickers and a fidget spinner.  The fidget spinner actually works!!!  (I’ve never quite understood the appeal of a fidget spinner, but I have to admit this is pretty darned cute!)

A laptop.  The MLA laptops don’t have the same level of detail as American Girl or Our Generation, but still cute.

And my favorite pieces of the whole set–a tape dispenser and a stapler!!

The box holds a lot too.  Even a banana.

I give this set an A+ because it’s well done and how can you go wrong with the price?  I’m starting to get a little excited to see what My Life As comes out with this year for their holiday offerings.  This should be interesting since everything has been so messed up, I wonder how supply lines have been affected for toy companies?

6 thoughts on “Review of My Life As School Set

  1. This does look like the perfect gift for an 18 inch doll on her way back to school. I like the tape dispenser and the stapler also. And the water bottle is a must have.

  2. First thought: OoO a banana

    Reflection: MLA has stepped up their game bc their usual R&D has been small business theft or maybe they just did that again? Time will tell. Seems like an ok set.

    • I’ve thought for a while that some of these companies have “moles”. I thought it was very interesting how OG came out with a whole series of 50s themed items just prior to the announcement of MaryEllen.

  3. Very nice! I think I need to venture out to my local WalMart!

    I have to admit I have a fidget spinner. The battery for lights died, but I enjoy it when I think about it. the kitties like it too, so it stays in their toy box. Pen clicking is more effective for me (picture James Bond Goldeneye – I’m not quite as bad as Boris).


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