Doll Sized Finds–A Trip to Joann’s

This whole virus thing has been a real downer for me.  I’ve been doing my best to stay home, get things I needed delivered and do curbside pickup whenever possible.  However, sometimes there are things you just can’t buy that way.  I needed some fabric and elastic to make a mask as a birthday gift.  I was having next to no luck online with either (Unless I wanted to buy mass quantities of elastic, which I did not).  Finally I decided the only way I was going to be able to do this was to make a trip to Joann’s and actually go in the store.  I was not thrilled at all, but it really wasn’t what I’d call a horrible experience.

Let me just tell you, not setting foot in any stores for months has it’s advantages.  Until you set foot in one.  By the time this trip was over with, I’d thrown in some Junior Mints, a Burts Bees Lipbalm, and a few other extras along with the things I actually went for.  Impulse shopping at it’s best.  But the thing I was most excited about:

$2.99 per package regular price and they were a special the day I was there, so they were only $1.99.  I’m sure you could probably use a coupon too when they are full price and get them even cheaper. I spotted them while I was waiting for elastic to be cut, I’ve been looking for these since back when AG came out with Tenney.

A few close up shots so you can see the details:

And for size comparison, a shot of one beside an American Girl hot cocoa cup.  I think they could be small sized Mason jars, perhaps pint size or maybe a little bigger.

I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do with these yet.  I’m thinking that two or maybe even four will be turned into iced tea drinks like came with Tenney’s chicken picnic set.  The other four are totally up in the air, but I have a lot of different ideas rolling around.  I’m just glad to finally get my hands on some of them.

They also had ones that were slightly taller.  They seemed a bit disproportionate though, so I didn’t buy any of them, wasn’t really sure what I could do with them.

Have you managed to find any good doll sized items lately?  It’s definitely much more difficult when you are stuck at home, and I was avoiding thrift stores to begin with.  I was definitely happy to find these!  Now I need to get out my resin kit and do something with them.

8 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds–A Trip to Joann’s

    • I do miss going to thrift stores, BUT, that’s a good thing. I need to seriously go through what I have and do some cleaning out still.

  1. Ooh resin kid sounds exciting! They would make a great iced tea glass.
    Like you, I haven’t really been anywhere. Upside – spared seeing back to school,items on July 5th!

    • When I did Tenney’s chicken take out set in my own version, I did just regular glasses of iced tea, but these would be so cool. Or lemonade. Hmmm…

  2. I know what you mean. I have been staying home mostly also.

    I decided I wanted to try to make a room box for a little doll. I have no idea why. I don’t really have any crafting skills. I think it came from watching too many room box videos on YouTube. Anyway, I wanted to get scrapbook paper. I couldn’t find anything I liked online. I ended up going to Michael’s. I sprinted (well maybe walked briskly) through the stored. That was my “big” adventure for the month.

    • That’s cool that you are making that! Have you ever tried any of the little kits? I hear you on the sprinting through somewhere, I haven’t gone that many places and I’m seriously thinking of just going back to full on lockdown mode since the numbers keep climbing in our county. The good thing is I have plenty of things to write about and a whole lot of little projects I can work on. Right now saving most of those for when the weather gets bad again and I’m stuck indoors.

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