A Trip To The Neighborhood Farmer’s Market!

On Saturday mornings the local park is home to a farmer’s market that has a lot of good food and merchandise for sale.  If the weather is bad, they have it in the school multi purpose room that is nearby.  Today the weather was stormy, so they moved it indoors.  Cassandra, Mimi and Christine decided to go check it out, pick up some goodies and visit their friends Wendy, Alya and Rebecca.

They stopped to say hi to Alya first.  She has a booth set up to sell hot dogs and snacks to raise money for the school track team since she is a member.  She said that business was a bit slow this morning, but hoped it would pick up as the day went on.

Cassandra told her she’d be back before they left to get a hot dog, they looked yummy!

Wendy’s grandparents own a farm nearby and she was working their produce stand.


The girls thought some fruit for lunch sounded like a good idea!

Rebecca was set up with a cart of baked goods.  Some of you might remember that they lost their lease on the bakery and are still looking for someplace new to set up.  They have been using Mimi’s oven at the “MiShed” to make all sorts of baked goods.  She had so many pretty things, it was hard to decide what to get!

“Cookies?  Muffin?? Donuts?” Mimi wondered out loud.

Finally the girls were done with their shopping.  The bag looks a bit heavy, doesn’t it??

Finally they decided they’d take turns carrying it home!

Do you go to any farmer’s market’s near you?  I haven’t been to any this year, and I know some of them are closed up due to the virus.  I always look forward to fresh tomatoes!  I may have to venture out this week and see what I can find.  It’s about time for sweet corn season here too.

8 thoughts on “A Trip To The Neighborhood Farmer’s Market!

  1. I enlarged every picture for detail. I like the crock pot which you can see inside of in one of the pictures of Rebecca by her cart. You definitely captured our local farmers market which is mostly yummy foods with some healthy booths here and there.
    You are right about corn being ready… it is here just this week. I was shocked because I’m losing track of how close we are to August!

    • I think of all the Boy Scout hot dog sales I’ve seen with either a crock pot or a big electric roaster!! And yes, I’ve lost all track of time, I totally missed out on local strawberries. I need to go look for some peaches soon.

  2. I love farmer’s markets! I haven’t gone to any this year though.

    Love your set up!

    • I’d love to go to one or a flea market, but very hesitant. I need to go see if the little fruit and veg stand near Michaels is set up, they might not have. Not just because of Covid but also because they are doing road construction nearby which is screwing up traffic!

      And thanks! This is only half. I’m thinking of doing another one later on. I just didn’t have enough space!!

  3. The farmer’s market in my area opened a few weeks ago. They had corn for the first time this week. They also had peaches and tomatoes. So much better than the produce at the grocery store.

    • I think I need to do some looking around this week, I want corn, peaches, tomatoes, green beans and new potatoes. Oh, and banana peppers too!! They should be out by now too. Some fresh homemade salsa would really hit the spot! When I was a kid, my parents always planted a large garden and right about this time of year was when we’d periodically have a dinner of nothing but garden veggies. And the smell of pickle brine and canned tomatoes permeated the air in our house!

  4. I have been a regular at our local produce stand. they don’t have quite the goodies at this Farmer’s Market, but it’s a great place to get fruit, veggies, plants, and they do have jams and jellies and chow chow and the like. I usually look for the fresh stuff most.

    • We have a really nice one that is Amish run about 10 miles away that I prefer to go to, but I’ve only made it there once. The one I really liked that was closer didn’t open this summer. 😦

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