Review of American Girl City Market Goodies Set

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been really excited about some of American Girl’s newer releases.  It seems as though they’ve realized that a lot of us are tired of seeing the same stuff rehashed in set after set after set.  The City Market Goodies Set is primarily all new items and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

There are a lot of pieces to this set!  Wouldn’t be a trip to a farmer’s market without fruit of some sort to buy.  We have a package of berries, I guess these are red raspberries.  And two apples.  The apples seem a teeny bit large, but maybe not.  I was excited to get the package of berries, I’ve seen this before in other sets and wanted one for my collection.  Now I have it!


Two pies made in “mason jar” lids.  These are cute, but the scale is way off to me.  These are about the size of a 50 cent piece in diameter (maybe bigger) and just seem a bit too big.  It would be one pretty big mason jar if it was in scale!!  I still think they are neat and I like how the pieces all come apart.

A nice big bottle of lemonade.  Mmmm!  Now I want lemonade…  The bottle is large, this is not what I would call an individual sized drink but more like a bottle you’d keep in the refrigerator and pour out of.

One food item that AG always does a good job on is bread.  I’ve purchased faux bread from several different companies as well as some people who make theirs out of clay, and the AG version is always right up there in comparison as far as realism.  Love the bag too, although I wonder if there isn’t a better way to make these bags so they would hold up to play?  Great for a collector like me, but in the hands of a 7-12 year old kid, not so sure how long it would last.  Still cute though.

A pretty sunflower.  I could take or leave this part of the set.  It’s pretty but I would have rather had another food item to be honest.  Oh well.  Somewhere in my stuff I have the sunflower bouquet from Samantha’s bicycle, maybe I could do something with both?

The bag for carrying everything is extremely well done.  And it’s bigger than I expected it to be!!!  I will even say this is probably one of the nicest bags that AG has done in any of their sets.  And one of the few times that the plastic vanity tag on the front doesn’t make me cringe because it is perfectly appropriate on a bag.  Sort of like Gucci or Kate Spade or Thirty One!

If you are going shopping, you gotta have some cash!!  And this I’m just leaving in the plastic along with all of the other doll cash I have.  Someday I’ll have a post where I can throw all the money on a bed and pretend someone is rolling on it???

CHEESE!!!!  I thought this was really cute, although the wrapper on it doesn’t want to stay on very well.  Tempted to put a piece of sticky tack on it somewhere underneath to keep it in place.  Can definitely see it getting lost or mutilated with play.  Another thing that perhaps needs to be made out of vinyl?  (I need a job in their research and development department, they aren’t thinking of kids and how they play!)

A cutting board made to look like slate.  They did an excellent job with this piece, I absolutely love it!  Wish they had included a little knife though.  That would have been nice instead of the sunflower.  Oh well.

And…a napkin.  Okay.  Let me just tell you, Xyra and I talked and laughed about this piece quite a bit.  Nowhere on the box does it say what it actually is, I only found out from the website description.  It just seems like a strange thing for a market set.  I mean, would you buy just one cloth napkin??? Probably not.  I think this is the one thing that would have made more sense had it been made of paper!  Or again, not bother and put a knife to go with the cutting board in this set instead.

So…time for the test.  Does everything fit in the bag???  It does!  It’s a tight fit and I had to move things around a bit, but I did manage to get it all in.  I couldn’t help but think that it would be a seriously heavy bag with a bottle of lemonade and a slate cutting board.  At least it’s reinforced!

Overall, I think this is an awesome set and I give it an A!  LOTS of play potential and for someone like me, it has so much display use as well.  Right now I have the two pies on my bakery cart from Grace’s collection along with the loaf of bread.  The bag could be used for a beach bag too with a towel, frisbee, bag of chips or something similar and water bottle.

This set retails for $35, but right now it’s on sale for $26, so it’s a great time to grab it.  That sale is only until the end of July 2020, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

5 thoughts on “Review of American Girl City Market Goodies Set

  1. Ooh, I’m glad I had a cup of coffee to enjoy this post with. I enjoyed getting to see this set in detail. Love the raspberries. I agree there are a lot of interesting items in the new catalog. I’m pleasantly surprised they have been able to manufacture and secure items in this challenging time.

    • From some of the reviews I’ve read, it seems like a lot of collectors are pleased with the improving quality as well. Hopefully they will get through all of this okay. Tough times all around.

  2. I love this set! I am so glad I ordered it. I’ve used different bits of it in a couple posts already!

    • It really is a very versatile set, I have the pies on the tiered display stand from that Journey Girls set, using it on the bakery cart from Grace Thomas’ collection.

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