Lots and Lots of PJ’s…and that means one thing…SLUMBER PARTY!

PLEASE NOTE: This post was written before we were all put under “stay at home” orders!  The girls did not have a slumber party during this crisis.  Please continue to observe stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines. 


Around the holidays and shortly after, American Girl ran several sales.  For some reason, there seemed to be a lot of PJ sets!  I ended up with three of them.  I convinced Zara, Wendy and Mimi to model for me.

Zara is wearing the Pink Pajama set.  It included a top, bottom, slippers and a headband.  The slippers were a little bit tough to get on.  I did love the faux drawstring on the bottoms though, so on trend! This particular set was only available to rewards members in 2017.  I have to admit that I don’t even remember seeing it, but it’s a cute set!


Next is Wendy in the Holiday Dreams Pajamas.  These were released in 2018 and retired in 2019, if I remember correctly they were the holiday pj’s for 2018.

These are super cute and the embroidery on the top is really pretty.  The slippers on these are just okay, They weren’t difficult to put on, but they just didn’t seem to be well made.  Fortunately I got them super cheap when I purchased them on sale and had a rewards certificate to use!


Last up we have Mimi in the Warm Wishes Pajamas.  These were released for the holiday season in 2019 and discontinued at the beginning of 2020.

Again, the slippers are not nearly as nice as the ones I’ve bought in the past.  The fabric on the pj’s is soft, and looks like flannel, but isn’t flannel, it’s just a very soft knit.  They are cute, but the fit was a bit off on these and the collar wouldn’t lay nice on the top.

Since the girls were nice enough to model for me without much hassle, I told them they could have a slumber party.  They were all excited.  Mimi insisted that we show something we had recently purchased on Etsy first!

Yes, it’s a quilt with a dog like Laney embroidered on it!  We already have a very nice quilt that was gifted to us by Xyra, but you can never be too warm and hey, it has a sheltie on it!  Laney of course had to get in the picture.  And it is just as pretty from the back too.  Now Mimi is talking about having her room redone in colors to match.  What have I started??

There is always certain protocol with a slumber party.   First the girls played music–on guitars!

They ate popcorn…

And watched TV.  (They borrowed “Downton Abbey” from Kit.)

And then of course–slumber!!

Which of the three sets of PJ’s is your favorite?


Well guys, it’s definitely a weird time right now, isn’t it?  Who would have thought everything would be turned upside down like it has been in our lifetime.  And no idea if and when things will ever be normal again.  Whatever normal ends up being.  We hear the term “new normal” a lot lately, but most of us don’t even know what that means!  It’s going to be an interesting few months ahead.

The reason I’m posting this right now is I’m really not sure what to do here on the blog, and I’d like some reader input.  I have some blog posts in the works, a variety of different things.  Some stories and reviews mostly.  And that is where the concern comes in.

I realize that right now, a lot of people are struggling financially.  And I’m really torn on whether or not I should continue to do reviews right now or not.  I talked with a friend about it.  He said if it was up to him, he would continue to do the reviews.  Even if people have no intentions of buying the products, they still may enjoy them, and he said he frequently watched YouTube videos for things he knew he would never buy, but it was still fun and informative.

So–do I continue to do reviews?  Or should I put them on hold?  I would love to hear everyone’s ideas and opinions on this subject.  I’ve never wanted my blog to turn into a bragfest, my original intent was for it to be fun and informative.  The good side is that many of the items I have reviews for are $20 and under items, but I’m still not sure if it’s right to do them.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments, thank you!

Etsy Finds!

I love Etsy!  There are always fun and unique doll items available that you can’t find anywhere else.  Recently I made some cool purchases.

First from Rainbow Lily Designs--this awesome Harry Potter Gryffindor t-shirt!  I had to have this for Mimi.  I wish she had it in adult human sizes, I’d so wear this!  The fit is great on it too.  I’ve purchased from Rainbow Lily a couple of times and I’ve always been pleased with what I’ve bought. (BTW, they had the other houses from Harry Potter too.)

Also from Rainbow Lily-this very trendy red buffalo plaid flannel shirt.  Mimi decided it would make a cute jacket over her Gryffindor shirt, but I think it would look just as cute by itself with a skirt or pants.

I was just surfing around one day and came across this t-shirt that I just had to have from AbabieDoll.  If you remember, I got the Lego Central Perk for my birthday present to me…

Anyone else hear the hand clap when they look at this shirt?? 😉  I love it and it fits great.

The last item I have to share is from BellaboosClosetCA.  I was curious about this shop after seeing an outfit they had sold someone who posted on a social media post I came across.  I thought this outfit was adorable and so perfect for spring and summer.  This seller is located in Canada, but the shipping wasn’t ridiculous and it didn’t take much longer for it to arrive than the other items I’ve ordered within the US.

Love when I find some new Etsy vendors that I can buy from, always fun to add new items to the doll wardrobe.