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I’ve mentioned this before, but I thought I’d bring it up again for those who missed it.  Once in a while a company comes out with a set that has just one item you really like in it, and you’re torn.  Do I buy an entire set for just that one piece?  If you are like me and you’ve been collecting for a while, you probably have a few duplicates.  Sometimes that’s not such a bad thing because you can maybe use more than one of those items for a set up or something, but other times it poses a bit of a problem.

Worry no more!  There are people out there who realize this can be an issue.  And they go and buy some of these sets and then sell them off, piece by piece at a small profit.  Some may have an issue with this, I know there are people who only like to buy full sets, but for me, it’s wonderful, I can get what I want without being bogged down with a lot of extras.  I’ve come across a number of items on Ebay sold this way and have picked up some odds and ends.

This time around, it was all fueled by Joss’s Nfinity Backpack Set.  Cute set, but first off, I didn’t want all the hair accessories.  The makeup set is cute, but I already have one I got from when I bought Mimi and really didn’t see a use for it.  And the backpack…well, not only do I have way more doll sized backpacks than I probably need, but after reading the reviews and how it tended to scratch stuff…hard pass.  BUT…I really really really wanted the hair styling tool with the interchangeable parts.  I went back and forth several times looking at it and then decided to look at Ebay.  I was in luck, someone had it!  AND, they had an offer on their Ebay store–buy three items and you’d get a discount, plus combined shipping.  Of course, I had to look!

Here’s the Curling Iron/Flat Iron.  I love that it’s interchangeable, just like a real one.  The on/off switch moves back and forth too.  Really a cute piece.

I went through the entire store and found several things I considered, but eventually narrowed it down to just three including the styling tool.  What else did I get?

The bouquet from Grace’s Meet Accessories:

I have a lot of Grace’s collection to begin with and I have bits and pieces out of the accessories set, all I’m missing now is the beret, and I’m not too worried about that.

I also got this:

This is the cutting board, knife and cucumber from the Our Generation Picnic Table Set.  A super cute set, but nearly everything in it is a repeat of stuff I already have and not really much use for the duplicates, so I was thrilled to see that this was available!  And just so you know, the cucumber slices are two sided.  Really a cool piece that I’m glad I was able to get.

All totaled, including shipping, the whole order came to just over $49.00.  Joss’s set retails for $40, the picnic table set is $30.  Grace’s accessories are no longer available except on the secondary market, so prices can vary quite a bit, when I wrote this it was selling for between $30 and $40.  So for less than half the price, I got the items I wanted and don’t have to store a bunch of things that I don’t really need.

Just another option I wanted you to know about!  I’ve seen everything from small items like these to larger pieces like furniture and even the larger sets sold individually on Ebay.  Nice if you are looking for replacements for lost or damaged items as well.  You just have to keep your eyes open and sometimes you need to be patient.  Good luck!

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  1. Sounds like I should set up an ebay store and sell some of the multiples I have (not AG unfortunately).

    Great job shopping!

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