Well guys, it’s definitely a weird time right now, isn’t it?  Who would have thought everything would be turned upside down like it has been in our lifetime.  And no idea if and when things will ever be normal again.  Whatever normal ends up being.  We hear the term “new normal” a lot lately, but most of us don’t even know what that means!  It’s going to be an interesting few months ahead.

The reason I’m posting this right now is I’m really not sure what to do here on the blog, and I’d like some reader input.  I have some blog posts in the works, a variety of different things.  Some stories and reviews mostly.  And that is where the concern comes in.

I realize that right now, a lot of people are struggling financially.  And I’m really torn on whether or not I should continue to do reviews right now or not.  I talked with a friend about it.  He said if it was up to him, he would continue to do the reviews.  Even if people have no intentions of buying the products, they still may enjoy them, and he said he frequently watched YouTube videos for things he knew he would never buy, but it was still fun and informative.

So–do I continue to do reviews?  Or should I put them on hold?  I would love to hear everyone’s ideas and opinions on this subject.  I’ve never wanted my blog to turn into a bragfest, my original intent was for it to be fun and informative.  The good side is that many of the items I have reviews for are $20 and under items, but I’m still not sure if it’s right to do them.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments, thank you!

20 thoughts on “Torn.

  1. Keep them coming, Flo. I have slowed waaay down on my collecting. I just bought Molly’s meet outfit in the latest ag sale but since then I havent bought anything in almost a yr.

    But I really enjoy reading your reviews. Your Joss review helped me to NOT buy joss!! So you did a very good thing for me! Haha! You give real opinions and I appreciate that.

    • Thanks Heather, I appreciate the input! (And I bought Molly’s meet outfit too LOL I wanted the saddle shoes.)

  2. Please continue the reviews and anything else you have up your sleeve doll-wise. It’s a nice diversion and pick-me-up during this period of so much instead tough news. And your posts are inspiring!!

  3. I also support continued reviews…if you are up to it. Like my buddy in the comment above, I haven’t bought anything in a long time but still enjoy reading your viewpoint. 💗

  4. I just found your blog & I’m new to the whole doll thing – I’m like your friend in that I love seeing reviews for things I may never buy – we can’t shop right now so bring on the reviews!

  5. Yes, reviews please.

    It’s ok to operate “like” normal. It helps folks feel normal too.

    I like living through other’s words and experiences regardless of the pandemic. Tell your story as you see fit.

    • Thanks Nonna. I guess I didn’t think of it that way, but I guess it’s nice to find things that are still normal in our upside down world.

  6. I value your reviews and your opinions and you’ve introduced me to some great etsy sellers because of your reviews. I say keep doing them.

    • Thanks! I appreciate the input, it is fun to see things. I know sometimes too that photos that aren’t from the manufacturer show things you may not see in the catalogs or online.

  7. I think you should continue your reviews. They are fun and kind of like window shopping. Plus the best part is I’m not actually window shopping the site so I’m not tempted to click add to cart while reading here. But if truly inspired…

    • Thanks! (I think sometimes we are each other’s worst influence though…LOL Text is a good/bad thing 😉 )

  8. Please keep doing your reviews! They are honest and interesting to read. Even if they are old buys they are relevant since so many buy from eBay.

  9. Continue with the reviews and with the blog. Because I have limited space and money, I don’t really buy a lot of doll items. But I still love surfing the internet and checking out all the dolly stuff!

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