Well…uh…oops…American Girl may have messed with the wrong person.

Right now I’m shaking my head.  A fellow blogger friend texted me today with a link to an article that her daughter found in the Chicago Sun Times.  I’m floored.  This can’t just be coincidence now can it?

The headline:

And a photo of the real life Lucianne:

The coincidences don’t end at the purple hair and the similar names.  If you’d like to read the whole article, you can find it at this link:


I will be watching this story as it develops, but I’m just stunned.  What in the world were they thinking if in fact they did pattern this doll after her?  (Which, I really do think they did.)

Still shaking my head.  Just when I think they are getting their act together…  I give up.

8 thoughts on “Well…uh…oops…American Girl may have messed with the wrong person.

    • Yeah, it does sound like there has been an issue for a while. We are just now hearing about it. Just too many coincidences to make me think this was an accident. And what would have been so wrong with perhaps going to this person and saying “hey, we want to do this doll…”. Just from what I’ve read, I’m sure she would have been on board with it and might have had some great ideas. Makes me wonder who is driving the train though!

  1. This was pretty dumb on their part but I’m not sure which laws are actually broken.

    • Yeah, I would like to know what the grounds of the lawsuit are, but apparently an attorney thought it had enough merit to pursue it. And from the sounds of it, AG trying to negotiate makes it sound as though they are perhaps admitting fault? If it was deliberate and not a coincidence, I think that they missed a great opportunity by not contacting her first, she might have had some great ideas and they could have even had her as a spokeswoman, etc, sort of like they are doing now with the surfer that has endorsed Joss.

    • I’m really starting to wonder what the people in charge are actually doing there! If in fact they did do what they are being accused of, it wasn’t only wrong, but so many missed opportunities as well. And just soooo many coincidences…

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