Review of Melody’s Table and Chairs from American Girl

In 2016, American Girl pulled the ultimate “gotcha” on fans who were hung up on trying to find things out ahead of time by doing a preview early on of Melody and her accessories.  Two items in particular caught my eye–her keyboard (which I did get) and a table and chairs set.  The table and chairs were supposed to be like a folding set from the 60’s.  However, there was one little problem…they didn’t fold!  For $85 I decided I didn’t need them that bad, I wanted them more to go with my camper set than anything.  And I really wanted them to fold just like the real thing.

Right after the new year, they did a large scale sale on a number of items, and this was one of them.  Because I had amassed a large number of rewards points over the holiday season (especially thanks to purchasing Jamie and a few other things when they did the 5x points bonus), right after the sale hit the website, I received a $50 rewards certificate.  I decided it was time to get this set!  I purchased it along with two other items I wanted and with shipping and sales tax, my purchase of this, a set of pj’s and the sled set was…(drumroll here)  $16.96!  SCORE!

Now that I have this set, I have to say that it was definitely a very good use of my rewards point monies, even if it doesn’t fold.

The chairs are very cute, and very sturdy.  The fabric on the seats is a vinyl, very soft.  I love the print on these!

Here is a shot from the underside.  I still haven’t figured out why they didn’t just go ahead and make them into little folding chairs?!

The table is VERY solid.  The green is very bright, and very 60’s!  I suspect the table was made off the same basic patterns/ideas as Molly’s table.

I decided we needed to put stuff on the table so everyone can get an idea of just how much it holds.  I was doing a bunch of photos all in the same day, so I grabbed the nearest thing I had handy which was the birthday set.  Kind of appropriate–I know I went to many a birthday party when I was a kid that involved a card table and folding chairs!

As you can see, it’s plenty big enough and very proportionate!  (Wendy couldn’t resist a sip of the lemonade)


Part of Melody’s story is about her community, so the table comes with a banner.  It attaches easily with special clips.

I also wanted to show the amount of room under the table for doll legs.  You’d have to be kind of careful when seating them, but they would fit with some planning ahead.

Despite being skeptical about this set initially, I have to say it’s of very good quality and I give it an A+.  Still wish it folded, but it’s not a huge issue, especially given the price I paid!  I think this is a set that will get a lot of use in my different stories, especially paired up with the camper.  I think it would even make a cute table and chairs in a retro style kitchen, or if you didn’t want retro, easy enough to put a table cloth on it to cover up the green.

6 thoughts on “Review of Melody’s Table and Chairs from American Girl

    • Do you have Molly’s table and chairs? I’m just wondering how similar the table is in the two sets. I was thrilled that I got it with my rewards certificate.

    • It is really secure too, I’ve been trying to figure out if I can get it apart to attach different banners to it.

  1. Fabulous! I’m glad you have this set. It’s great. Yes, I agree it would be better if it did fold, mostly for storage purposes.

    • I want to do a shoot with it alongside the camper. I think it will look super cute! Folding would have been an awesome feature, like you said, for storage, the box it’s all in isn’t exactly small.

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