Review of Maryellen’s Seaside Diner Bakery Case set

Last year American Girl decided to revamp Maryellen’s Diner.  In the process of that change, they also came out with this set to go with it, and I think it’s such a great addition, even if you have the original diner set.

I ordered this at the beginning of December when they were running a 20% off sale, so I only paid $76 instead of the regular price of $95.  I also had to wait for it to come for several weeks as it was backordered.  My original notification told me it wouldn’t be here until sometime in January, so you can imagine how excited when it arrived just days before Christmas!  Merry Christmas to me! 🙂

The main pieces are awesome and very well made.  The only parts that are plastic are the “glass” and the trim pieces.  I didn’t uncover the posts, they still have the protective wrap on them in this (and all subsequent photos) as this set is being stored until I’m ready to use it.

This little “island” is my favorite part of the whole set!  It is so perfect for the era, and I have all kinds of ideas of ways to use this.  The details on this piece are so awesome, I love the speckle countertop with metal trim.  I have flashbacks to my neighbors house when I was a kid.

The case is very nicely done, made mostly of wood.  The shelf is removable too.  The only thing that puzzled me is why that bottom panel is solid, I think it would have been a nice place for a drawer or open space for storage.

I love the cash register, it reminds me of the ones they had at my first job!

And a can to collect coins for the cause:

When I opened this piece, I thought “It needs coins!”  And there were…but…there’s a bit of a problem!

I don’t know what they were thinking, but these are full sized dimes!  I’m so confused as to why they did this.  It can’t be because they worry about someone swallowing them, I’ve had plenty of smaller pieces in AG stuff and a dime is still easily swallowed anyhow.  This really makes NO sense at all.

The set comes with two trays for displaying baked goods on.


Boxes for the donuts.  I didn’t open these because I’m storing some of the more 50’s era stuff.

Two METAL pie pans.  Yes, metal.  I am loving this…

Pies for in the pans!  And slices cut out for serving.

Cinnamon rolls.  (Don’t they look yummy?)

Two plates.  Actual stoneware!  They have a nice weight to them too.  Clever 50’s style design on them too.

A metal pie server!  Very nice.

Some odds and ends with the 50’s theme that I’m not likely to use, so I left them in the plastic.  I was impressed that the money was 50’s era as well!  Stickers, a hat, money, a menu and a newspaper, complete with a headline about polio.

Set up, it’s totally adorable!  Along with the Thanksgiving pie set I have and other baked goods in my collection, there can be a constantly changing assortment of stuff in that case.


One more thing that isn’t an accessory, but a document with a statement that really impressed me:

I hope this is a sign of things to come and that all of our complaints about quality have been heard.  American Girl has been known for years for it’s attention to detail and quality and I know that many of us have been concerned.  Recent releases have signs that maybe they are actually listening.  Fingers crossed!

Overall I give this set an A.  I’d give it an A+++ but those coins–what in the world were they thinking?  However, that doesn’t take away from the play value of this set, and even at the full price of $95, I think it’s worth it.  Well made and thought out with so much you can do with it, with or without pieces added.  I have so many ideas of things I’d like to do with this set!!



4 thoughts on “Review of Maryellen’s Seaside Diner Bakery Case set

  1. Awesome! I would like to get this and the diner. I didn’t start collecting until after the original diner was retired/archived and I was super excited when the new version was released this past fall. I need to organize my doll stuff though before I can get these sets since I don’t think I currently have room.

    • I can’t decide which version of the diner I like better, they both have good and bad points. I’d love to know why they redid it though! I hear you on the organization thing, it is a continuous problem for those of us who have limited space. I’m in the process of a mass clean out/reorganization which has been put on hold lately due to other commitments.

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