Review of the American Girl Cookie Baking and Decorating Set

This is one of those sets that when I first saw I thought “how cute!” but then sat on the fence about for a while.  And then when I went to order it, it was sold out.  Good thing for me, it wasn’t a permanent sell out at that point, it came back in stock about the same time I was getting ready to order some other stuff, so I decided to take the plunge and grab it.  So glad I did, such a great holiday set!  And for me, not a bunch of repeats from other sets. 

I love the apron, such a pretty, festive design!

The set includes a very pretty rolling pin and a piece of “dough”.  This looks like the same dough that was included with Grace Thomas’ bakery, doesn’t it?

A cookie sheet and cookies!  The cookie sheet is really, really nice, it’s actually metal and has a very nice weight.  The cookies are cute too and they have a neat little added plus that I’ll talk about later on.

Cookie cutters, and what is great about these is the cookies actually fit so you can make it look like you are cutting them out!

A very cute recipe card (it has a front and back!) and a cake turner/spatula.  I haven’t taken everything out of the plastic just yet, still getting organized again.

Love this mixing bowl!  And the pastry tube–if you look closely, you can see that the tip actually has an opening.  There’s a reason for that!

My favorite piece is the little timer, I thought it was so cute, and love the fact that the stand actually folds flat on it.  Great little attention to detail.

This set comes with instructions.  Okay, so you may be asking “why?” since it doesn’t have any moveable parts.  Well…it has this cool little thing…

The cookies have the ability to color change so they look like they haven’t been decorated yet!  I haven’t tried this just yet because I discovered it as I was doing the photography and haven’t had a chance.  I have no doubt that it will work though and what a clever idea!

I give this set an A+++ just on sheer cuteness.  I know that isn’t always the best way to rate a set, but this has so much fun play potential and is also great for display purposes.  Unfortunately it’s currently no longer available at American Girl.  Original price was $35, I got it with a 20% off special for only $28.  While it has a Christmas theme, a number of the items are usable year round.