Cute Clothes From Silly Monkey

Another favorite online doll clothing seller is Silly Monkey.  I had seen some of their stuff but had never ordered from them until I got Mimi and they had a couple of items I thought would be perfect for her.  I’ve since bought quite a few things from them, and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

Before Christmas I decided the girls needed some new stuff from there.  I ended up with 4 items, three that I intended to be worn together and the other just with a pair of pants.

Mimi and Rebecca agreed to be my models for the new items.

The tunic top that Mimi is wearing is absolutely adorable.  I loved the print, one thing I really like about Silly Monkey is that they are very careful to make sure that the proportions on the print designs are in the right scale for dolls.

It fits well too, and I like that it’s not open the whole way down, so you get a nicer finished look in the back when the Velcro is closed.

The other pieces were items I’d looked at for a while and decided would be versatile.

I wouldn’t mind having an outfit like this for myself! 

I loved the “paperbag” waist on the pants and the top was a nice neutral that not only goes well with these pieces, but will work well with other things too.  The tie is just for decoration, the pants aren’t a true drawstring, they are elasticized.

The kimono style jacket is beautifully made, I love this piece!  It’s a nice, soft fabric with a beautiful color to it.

I’m really happy with these items and I can see a lot of mix and match potential with all of it.

You can check out Silly Monkey items two ways!

Their Etsy store:

Or their website!

In case you are wondering about Rebecca’s necklace, that’s actually a bracelet out of my own collection.  Bracelets make GREAT necklaces for 18 inch dolls!

4 thoughts on “Cute Clothes From Silly Monkey

  1. I love Silly Monkey! They were my go to when the kids played with dolls 🙂

    Mimi’s top is fantastic!

    • Their stuff is so cute on right on trend. I think Xyra is how I found out about them. Isn’t that the cutest top? I want one my size!

    • Agreed, I looked at them multiple times before I decided to make the purchase and so glad I did! They look comfy for sure.

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