To All The Dolls I’ve Loved Before–Baby Go Bye Bye

These little reviews/memories of dolls I had as a kid are a nice little trip down memory lane.  However, this one…well, it kind of makes me mad when I think about it too hard.  You’ll soon understand why.

I don’t think I asked for Baby Go Bye Bye, but I’m not positive.  I wasn’t a huge fan of baby dolls to begin with, I basically only had eyes for Barbie and her crew.  But my mom was a bit of a sucker for any kind of unique dolls, so that may very well be how I ended up with this doll.  It was kind of a cute idea though.

Baby Go Bye Bye wasn’t a very big doll, and she definitely had a bit of a Cindy Brady look to her.  Interestingly enough, Baby Go Bye Bye came out before the Brady Bunch ever aired!  The first dolls were released in 1968, The Brady Bunch didn’t hit TV screens until fall of 1969.  The doll was just an average doll, but with looser than normal limbs.  Her Bumpety Buggy was the real fun part of the toy.  The seat in it was loose so it would vibrate and the doll got one heck of a ride!


To start the car, you simply moved the butterfly on the front and that triggered a switch in the mechanism.


Finding pics to show was a bit difficult, but I did find a few.  I’m not a fan of using other peoples pics, but in the case of vintage dolls I no longer own, I guess I don’t have much of a choice.  I loved the catalog page.  Baby Go Bye Bye sold for a whopping $9.88!  Converting that to today’s dollars, that would be $73.22, isn’t that crazy?

Okay…so, the part about me being mad.  The key to the Bumpety Buggy was a piece that it fit over top of that actually determined where the car went.  It had these attached strips of plastic with pegs at the end of each, and where you placed them in the bottom was how the car determined where to turn.  It was really pretty genius for 1968 when you think about it.

Even as a kid, I could see the genius in this design.  And I remember distinctly thinking how clever someone would be if they would take this technology and use it for something else, like say a lawn mower or a vacuum cleaner??  Look familiar???????????????????

Yeah, when I first saw a Roomba, I seriously had a major flashback to my childhood.  Just think, if I had been able to convince someone to act on my initial idea, I might be a millionaire by now!!!!!

I actually kept Baby Go Bye Bye for quite a few years, and then finally one day I donated her to a thrift store in one of our clean outs when I was a teen.  For all I know she inspired the person who invented the Roomba.  Oh well.

I did find some videos on YouTube of her in action.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “To All The Dolls I’ve Loved Before–Baby Go Bye Bye

  1. LOVE this little doll. She is adorable! Yes, you very well could have been the inspiration for the roomba. Cool.

    I adore the catalog page because I have Timey Tell! Still have her in fact! Loved her to bits. She went to the eye doctor with me when I was little. I even put my first pair on her for her second check up. Because she has the painted eyes he could give her drops too.

    Keep sharing these glimpses to the past.

    • What a great story about Timey Tell! There were some very interesting themed dolls in the 60’s and 70’s. I don’t know how well they would go over now. I have a whole list of ones I need to write about!

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