Cookie Time!

One of my favorite things about Christmas break is getting to spend time with my friends.  The Saturday before Christmas I invited Louisa, Alya and Rebecca over so we could hang out.  And bake some holiday cookies!  Rebecca is a fantastic baker, so I was anxious to hear about her recipes and tips for perfect cookies.

We were all dressed for the holiday–and to keep warm!

Before we started baking, we hung out in my room for a bit.  Louisa was showing us something she found on the internet.

While Rebecca played with Ginger.

Then it was off to the Mi-Shed for some baking fun!

Louisa was a little bit creeped out by Norbert (that’s what we named the deer head).  “Back off!”


Rebecca explained how to roll out the dough.  Once we got the first batch done, she kept on going…


while Alya decorated them!

It was a really fun day, we made a bunch of different types of cookies, they were all yummy.

What kinds of things do you do with friends and family over the holiday season?  Any special traditions?  I am hoping that we can make cookie baking with friends an annual get together!

4 thoughts on “Cookie Time!

  1. Looks like a fun afternoon! Everyone looks so festive. Mimi’s sweater is gorgeous!

    Depends on which group of friends. Mostly we get together and eat. 🙂

    • It was very fun! Mimi’s sweater and pants are part of the Apres Ski outfit. It’s really a gorgeous sweater.

      I hear you on the get together and eat. D & D is really wreaking havoc on my diet…

  2. The cookies turned out great! I didn’t do very much baking this season as I was really busy, but we love to watch Christmas movies together and it’s been fun now that the girls are getting older and we can watch a better variety of movies. 🙂

    • The biggest issue I have is if I make Christmas cookies and candy, I end up eating them because it seems like everyone I know is watching what they eat!

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