My Life As Art Supply Play Set

My Life As is the “little engine that could”.  They started out with some stuff that was just okay, quality was lacking, sizing was off.  Then it got better and better and now they are a force to be seriously reckoned with.  Combine the improvements in quality with a still very affordable price tag and I think they could easily give Our Generation and American Girl some serious competition.  I’m so happy to see that they keep coming out with more and more clever items and sets too.

On a recent visit to Walmart, I discovered this very cute little set:

An art supply play set!  It jumped into my shopping cart so quickly it would make your head spin!

Once I took the packaging off, I could see better all the things that were in it.  The container is really cute, clear plastic with a hinged lid.  It snaps closed too.


Once I got everything out, I discovered it had a notepad, several “sketches” and a faux canvas (it’s plastic).

It also had paint tubes (no paint for real), brushes and an artist’s palette.

Also some colored pencils and markers!  A cute pair of scissors which actually move and a bottle of glue.

No crafting set would be complete without the scourge of the crafting world…

Glitter!!!!  (Insert screams here.)  Fortunately these are tightly sealed, so no one should be able to escape.  I thought these would work for either the art world, or even in a baking situation as a prop.

I love that so many of the pieces have handles on them to make it easier to have your doll hold them!

Everything fits inside the container too.

This is definitely one of my favorite sets from My Life As and I give it an A+++.  At under $8, it’s a great little gift or stocking stuffer idea!

6 thoughts on “My Life As Art Supply Play Set

  1. Oh, this is so cute! I’m happy to hear My Life As’s quality has improved. There’s an adorable doll-sized Walmart basket with doll food in it for $7 I’ve had my eye on.

    • They’ve done a number of small sets like that and I’ve liked the ones I’ve picked up a lot. And how can you beat the price?!

    • Yes, their accessories and furniture have improved greatly, but the clothing has a ways to go yet. Here’s hoping.

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