Review of Blaire’s Restaurant Accessories

When this set was introduced, I immediately wanted it.  I thought it would work well whenever we are using the bakery setup and it had a lot of cute pieces to it.  It retails for $30 but I had a $10 off rewards coupon, so I only paid $20 for it.  I think it’s definitely worth that!

The menu board is the only thing I’m disappointed in.  And here’s why.  The menu items that are changeable are stickers.  I don’t think that they would hold up over time if they were repeatedly switched back and forth.  I’m debating on what to do should I decide to use them.  We’ll see.


The reverse side is very pretty too.

The items included for the waitress are really super cute.  You get an apron, an order pad, a bill holder and a faux pen.  Oh…and money!  I won’t take the money out of the bag unless I get some genius idea for it.  I have some stashed from other sets as well.

I love that there are pockets in the check holder!

And if you look very closely, you can see that it says “American Girl” on the faux pen!

The food items in this set are very well done.  You get two glasses of water, complete with lemon slices and two crème brulee’s.

The water carafe is well done too, probably my favorite piece of the set.  It’s definitely recycled from a Grace Thomas set, but that’s okay.  It’s fine to recycle better pieces.

The tray is large and holds everything.  It is made out of plastic.  At this price, I’m not going to complain a lot about it not being metal.


I like this entire set and think it’s a great piece to add to any collection.  I may use it with my Journey Girls table and chairs for a “Kit’s Birthday” kind of set up!

4 thoughts on “Review of Blaire’s Restaurant Accessories

  1. LOVE it! yes, I agree the stickers might not stand up overtime. If only the were color-forms! That would be fun.

    • YES! That would have been perfect. I think I may mount them on black paper that they can just stay on and then use stick-tak. Still throwing around a few ideas. I could laminate them too. Hmmm…

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