New My Life As Sets–STEM crazy!

Hi guys!!  Apologies for being a bit non-existent lately.  I really did forget just how much work a tiny puppy was.  It has been 11 years since Laney was a pup, and it’s one of those situations where you can’t take your eye off them for a minute.  Luckily (or maybe not), puppies do grow up and it does get easier.  We aren’t to the point where we can let our guard completely down, but Sophie is starting to really settle in and get used to things around here.  Routines are being established and boundaries respected for the most part. At the moment, Sophie is laying in front of the heater vent sleeping, so I’m taking full advantage of the down time!  Laney still isn’t convinced that she enjoys being a big sister, but I think she’ll eventually get used to it.  A pic of Laney and Sophie in Laney’s crate. (She wasn’t thrilled.)

And a more recent pic of Sophie that I took this past weekend:

Alright…enough puppy talk!  Let’s talk doll goodies!!  I was recently at my local Walmart and I noticed they had some new My Life As Sets.  I suspect that some of these are going to be limited for the holiday as they weren’t on the regular shelves reserved for MLA items.  But my gosh, some truly cute items!

First, My Life As has jumped on the bandwagon of dolls without hair.  I was really pleased to see this, especially since those of us in the Instagram doll community lost one of our own not all that long ago to cancer.

This year seems to be the year of STEM.  Once again, we see items that really resemble a theme that American Girl has products in.  While there has been a bit of a gap between AG’s introduction of Luciana and this release, if you know anything about how long it can take to get a product in the pipeline, I can’t help but wonder if there is a mole behind the scenes at AG.  It just seems too coincidental that all of these companies keep coming out with such similar items.  Regardless, this is a theme that I am really pleased to see more and more attention to, I just wish they had come out with this BEFORE I did the science fair post.  Oh well.

This science workstation is the item that most resembles the AG items.  Super affordable too at around $28!

There is also a doll with science themed accessories:

And if you just want the outfit, you can get it as well:

This is my favorite piece of the whole collection.  It makes me think of the black topped tables in the science classes from high school and comes with some really cool accessories.

What I like about it is it’s a piece that you could use for a lot of different scenarios, not just a science setup.  I’m very tempted to go back and get it, fingers crossed they still have it! It’s basically the Kitchen Island that MLA has issued in prior years, it is just missing the stove burners.

They’ve also come out with a revamped desk with some new accessories!

Once again, My Life As putting the pressure on American Girl!  I love how this line of products has evolved over the last couple of years, some truly awesome items that would fit in any 18 inch doll collection.  Which piece of these new ones is your favorite?


5 thoughts on “New My Life As Sets–STEM crazy!

  1. As a breast cancer survivor who underwent surgery, chemo with its accompaning hair loss and radiation, I would not want a permanently bald doll. These dolls should come with a wig along with the other acessories so that the little girl has the hope of her hair growing back after treatment.

    • I remember someone mentioning that before too. I am thinking that with the American Girl ones, you can send them back and have the hair added, but I’m not positive on that. Anyone else remember?

  2. I love the black top science lab table! Yes, it reminds me of all the lab tables I’ve been stationed at through school. Maybe that’s why I’m not sold on granite counter tops. LOL Love these pieces.

    Not 100% sold on the mole theory. I think the marketing community has it’s finger on the pulse of trending material. However, you could be right on track. But it seems a lot of companies come out with items similar to Thirty-One stuff too. I know the color schemes are based on Pantone, etc. Look at all the llamas and mermaids and…

    • I know there is a LOT of trouble with this with big name designers (think Louis Vuiton, Coach, etc.) because of the products being outsourced to foreign countries. I’m just wondering if some of it is happening at that level. I see a lot of fake Thirty-One stuff for sale on Ebay and it almost always is being drop shipped from China or similar. It’s kind of sad really. Some of it could be coincidence. But I also think back to Our Generation and their “retro” line being introduced JUST before Maryellen dropped. The timing on that was just bizarre.

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