Early Birthday Present To Me

Believe it or not, I decided against doll stuff for my birthday!  (Don’t faint.)  Originally I thought I’d get the American Girl bowling alley set, but after thinking about it, decided against it.  It’s big, so storage is an issue and just how much use would I get out of it–not much.  I was debating on what I wanted for my birthday–guitar related stuff, a new lens for my new camera, other doll stuff.  And then this appeared in my Twitter feed.  And I had to have it.  The day it was released I ordered it, and it arrived last week.

Yep, a Lego version of Central Perk from the TV series “Friends”!!  I loved this show and I had to have it.  I’ve always loved Lego, I’m not a collector, but this really caught my eye.

The box is really fun with different sayings from the show.

I was excited to see it even includes Phoebe’s guitar so she can play “Smelly Cat”!

Look at all of those parts…

Thank heavens it comes with a manual!!

I’m really looking forward to working on this.  I still have one of those “mini” rooms to complete too that I started and one that I haven’t even removed from the box.  I definitely have some fun winter projects to do.

Now I just have my fingers crossed that Lego decides to do the Seinfeld Apartment, that one is currently on the Lego Ideas site.  Go vote for it, please!!!!!


Another set I’ve seen is for Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment from Big Bang Theory.  I wasn’t as wild about it, and now it’s hard to find!  What would you like to see them come out with??

5 thoughts on “Early Birthday Present To Me

  1. A friend of mine got the Big Bang Theory living room an it was awesome. I LOVE this one even more. 5 bags of bricks isn’t too bad. I’m certain you received the separator tool in that. So glad they included Gunther! These anniversary sets are great! 25 years of Friends!

    Happy building from everyone at Tea Time with Melody Q to you and your crew! A few may be beckoning to assist. 😉

    • Thanks LOL! I just noticed last week that the Seinfeld set got the 10,000 votes it needed to be considered. Fingers crossed, I am so excited!!

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