Review Of Our Generation “Slumber Party Set”

I’ve had this set for a while and I keep putting off writing a review of it.  Recently I was in Target and saw it was still available for sale, so I decided NOW was the time!!

This was a gift from Xyra at Tea Time From Melody Q.  She lives on the other side of the state and I find it interesting how we find totally different sets at our local stores at different times.  The marketing on this line still puzzles me…

Here it is all out of the package.  Just four pieces but all well done!

I asked Kanani to help me with the blanket, she was happy to oblige.  It’s very cute with a different design on each side and it’s a decent size.  It’s not really a blanket for sleeping, more of a throw to keep your legs warm or a nice picnic blanket.


A bottle of sparkling orange juice…not exactly sure what that is, I’ve honestly never had it.  Anyone??  Is it good?  It’s still really cute.

The bowl of popcorn is awesome.  It’s a small bowl, unlike one I recently got in another set.  And it looks as though when they made this popcorn, they tossed a bunch of marshmallows in it as well, yum!



Also included is a cute invite to the slumber party.  It’s reversible, English on one side, French on the other.  Which I find intriguing, why French??? I realize Our Generation is sold in Canada, but I’ve seen it in Ireland as well and I’m sure it’s sold in quite a few other countries too.  Inquiring minds would like to know.

Overall a really cute set with nice mix and match pieces with endless possibilities!  I give it an A+.


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